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Monday, September 12, 2016

Jeff Hawke's Cosmos v.10 no.1

After the bumper release of Earthspace a few months ago, Jeff Hawke's Cosmos returns to its regular 3-issues a year schedule, the latest, the debut of volume 10 appearing in August 2016. This continues the run of stories featuring Jeff Hawke from the days when he was appearing in the UK—or at least in Scotland in the Scottish Daily Record—as Lance McLane but syndicated under the original Hawke name.

'The Asset Strippers', the first of three stories reprinted from 1984-85, sees an alien race arrive on Mars with the seemingly innocuous offer of trade—a restored atmosphere in exchange for a few tons of ore for their engines. The offer is not genuine, of course. Instead, the aliens are planning to steal the planet!

The titular Shark in 'The Shark in the Clear Air' is an aircraft that begins attacking other aircraft and strafing a small town of survivors in Northern Australia—a pilotless defence system that believes that the slowly expanding survivors of the Earth's ice age are the invaders it has waited so long to defend against.

An asteroid full of exotic ores perfect for mining is threatened by a rogue. The crew of Faith plan to nuke the problem out of existence, but one of the crew dreams that a woman is trapped on the rogue asteroid in 'What Dreams May Come'.

The stories are as satisfying as ever, as are the ever-present 'Hawke Notes' by Duncan Lunan, who also supplies various astronomical features to this issue, as do Roger Ley and Sandy Morrison, looking at Tim Peake's trip to space and the National Space Centre respectively

Subscription rates are £26 for three issues here in the UK and £34/38/41 for overseas subscribers, payable in a variety of ways. You can find more details (and back issues) at the new Jeff Hawke Club web page or by contacting william AT 

P.S. Duncan Lunan has a collection of time travel stories published by Shoreline of Infinity Publications in paperback and as an e-book on 14 September, illustrated by Sydney Jordan. You can order the book directly from the publisher or via Amazon.

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