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Friday, September 23, 2016

Comic Cuts - 23 September 2016

One of those days has turned into one of those weeks. My day job has involved the migration of our e-mail system from one platform to another, losing a whole raft of mails in the process that were meant to be copied, whilst admitting that some of the other files and folders have had to be left behind and will be migrated "in two or three weeks."

Bizarrely, I found that I could easily cope with the amount of mail I was getting through this week. It took me a couple of days to realise that some of the mail fed to me through different addresses (we have, for instance, editorial@ as well as my name@) hadn't been redirected. So I'm still chasing down messages that ought to have come through but haven't, some of which could be text or images for the next issue... which we've pushed back a week because... well, because we've had to.

And then our local council lost my council tax cheque. They know I've paid it, but when they came to present the cheque to their bank they found it was not to be found. So I've had to cancel the cheque... by which I mean I've phoned the bank and listened to their excuses about why they can't access my account at the moment, but they'll take a note of the cheque number and sort it out once their system sorts itself out.

And to cap it off, this...

We bought the cat-scarers to stop the neighbour's cats from crapping on the lawn. And it worked, so I can't say I'm unhappy with the product we bought... except one of them stopped working after a couple of months. We were down to one and that seemed to keep the problem at bay. However, these past couple of weeks have seen a change in attitude... or cattitude, you might say. Both cats have grown so used to the noise the cat-scarer makes, it no longer scares them. In fact, I get the feeling that it makes them feel safer, so much so that they're willing to fall asleep on what is fairly open ground. Two feet to the left of the cat in the picture above is our drive; maybe five feet up the drive is a busy road. On the right (arrowed) is the cat-scarer aimed squarely at the cat! 

So... one of those weeks, and all set against a background of low-level ache in my jaw, possibly phantom tooth syndrome, which I've just invented to explain the low-level ache in my jaw. The tooth removed two weeks ago left a huge hole which is still slowly healing. Too damn slowly as far as I'm concerned. So let's think about something else.

I think we've had the last of the tomatoes for the year. 110 in all, which is rather less than last year but still a good crop. And we had 4 cucumbers rather than 3 and each was a much better size. When you consider that we both hate gardening and Mel and I both possess the black finger of death when it comes to growing plants, that's not bad at all.

Random scans... not always random, of course, but these ones are... almost. I ran some Patrick Quentin covers three weeks ago and managed to miss this one. I then spotted the rather nice Simone de Beauvoir cover next to it in my miscellaneous covers folder on my computer. It reminded me that I had another book by her about Brigitte Bardot, which I scanned. And then I stumbled across another book featuring Bardot. The Jack the Ripper book, which I also cleaned up, doesn't really fit the sequence, so I've used it as a column header. There's no message... I just happened to spot it and clean it up.


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