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Sam Fuller

Amongst the mass of paperwork I've been digging through are a whole load of clippings of obituaries of writers and publishers. Source material for my old fanzine PBO, which I published back in the 1990s on behalf of the British Association of Paperback Collectors, which had a patchy existence and eventually fizzled out in 1998. I found this one (below), which was referenced in PBO issue 8 for which I compiled the following bibliography. I've updated it to include a recently published novel, rediscovered by Hard Case Crime


Burn, Baby, Burn. New York, Phoenix Press, 1935.
Test Tube Baby. New York, Godwin, 1936.
Make Up and Kiss. New York, Godwin, 1938.
The Dark Page. New York, Duell, Sloane & Pearce, 1944; as Murder Makes a Deadline, Bestseller, 1952.
The Naked Kiss (novelisation of screenplay). New York, Belmont, 1964.
Crown of India. New York, Award, 1966.
144 Piccadilly. New York, Richard C. Baron, 1971; London, New English Library, 1972.
Dead Pigeon on Beethoven Street (novelisation of screenplay). New York, Pyramid, 1974.
The Big Red One. London, Corgi, 1980.
Quint’s World. New York, Worldwide, 1988.
Brainquake. London, Titan Books (Hard Case Crime), 2014.



As screenwriter: Hats Off (and story; as Sam Fuller), 1936); It Happened in Hollywood (and story), 1937; Gangs of New York (and story), 1938; Federal Man Hunt (story), 1939; Adventure in Sahara (story), 1938; Bowery Boy (story), 1940; Confirm or Deny (story), 1941; Power of the Press (story), 1943; Gangs on the Waterfront (story), 1943; Shockproof (and story), 1949; I Shot Jesse James (and director), 1949; The Baron of Arizona (and director, story), 1950; The Tanks Are Coming (story), 1951; The Steel Helmet (and director, producer, story), 1951; Fixed Bayonets (and director), 1951; Scandal Sheet (aka The Dark Page), 1952; Park Row (and director, producer), 1952; Pickup on South Street (and director), 1953; Hell and High Water (and director), 1954; The Command (adaptation), 1954; Prince of Players, 1955; House of Bamboo (additional dialogue, and director, actor [uncredited]), 1943; The Story of Esther Costello, 1957; Run of the Arrow (aka Hot Lead; and director, producer), 1957; Forty Guns (and director, producer), 1957; China Gate (and director, producer), 1957; Verboten! (and director, producer), 1959; The Crimson Kimono (and director, producer), 1959; Underworld U.S.A. (and director, producer), 1961; Merrill’s Marauders (and director), 1962; Shock Corridor (and director, producer), 1963; The Naked Kiss (aka The Iron Kiss; and director, producer), 1964; The Cape Town Affair, with Harold Medford (based on Pickup on South Street) 1967; Shark! (aka Maneater; and director), 1969; The Deadly Trackers (director, story), 1973; The Klansman (aka KKK, The Burning Cross), 1974; The Big Red One (aka Sam Fuller and the Big Red One; and director, actor), 1980; White Dog (and director, actor), 1982; Les Voleurs de la nuit (aka Thieves After Dark; and director, actor), 1984; El-Lanaa (director), 1984; Let’s Get Harry (aka The Rescue; story), 1986; Sans espoir de retour (aka Street of No Return; and director, actor), 1988; Falkenau, The Impossible (and actor), 1988;

As Actor: Pierrot le fou, 1965; Brigitte et Brigitte, 1965; The Last Movie (aka Chinchero), 1971; The Young Nurses (aka Nightingale, Young L.A. Nurses), 1973; Scott Joplin (TV documentary), 1977; Der Amerikanische Freund (aka The American Friend), 1977; 1941, 1979; Der Stand der Dinge (aka The State of Things), 1982; Hammett, 1983; Slapstick (of Another Kind), 1984; Le Sang des autres (aka Blood of Others; TV), 1984; A Return to Salem’s Lot, 1987; Helsinki Napoli All Night Long, 1988; Tell Me Sam, 1989; Sons, 1989; Scorpion, 1989; Hollywood Mavericks, 1990; Greek Fire Series (documentary), 1991; Missa on Musette? (aka Where Is Musette?), 1992; Golem, l’esprit de l’exil (aka Golem, the Spirit of the Exile), 1992; La Vie de boheme (aka Bohemian Life), 1992; Imaginary Crimes, 1994; Tigrero: A Film That Was Never Made, 1994; Somebody to Love, 1994; Anything for John, 1995; The Typewriter, the Rifle and the Movie Camera (documentary), 1996; Words (aka Milim), 1996; The End of Violence, 1997.

Teleplays: The Meanest Men in the West (and director), 1967; Tatort - Tote Taube in der Beethovenstrasse (aka Dead Pigeon on Beethoven Street; and director), 1972; The Day of Reckoning, 1972; Girls in Prison, 1994.

About Samuel Fuller
Samuel Fuller by Phil Hardy. London, Studio Vista, 1970; New York, Praeger, 1970.
Sam Fuller: Film is a battlefield: a critical study, with interviews, a filmography and a biography by Lee Server. Jefferson, N.C., McFarland, 1994.

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