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Monday, July 06, 2015

Harry Sheldon cover gallery

Pan Books GP60 Born for Sacrifice by Jean Overton Fuller (Mar 1957)

Pan Books X89 Centenary at Jalna by Mazo de la Roche (Jun 1961)

Pan Books M11 Angelique: The Marquise of the Angels by Sergeanne Golon (Jun 1961)

Pan Books G371 The Passionate City by Ian Stuart Black (Aug 1961)

Pan Books G506 The Female of the Species by Sapper (Nov 1961)

Pan Books G510 You Can't Hit a Woman by Peter Cheyney (1961)

Pan Books G517 The Origin of Evil by Ellery Queen (Dec 1961)

Pan Books G519 The Case of the Green-Eyed Sister by Erle Stanley Gardner (Jan 1962)

Pan Books X136 Morning at Jalna by Mazo de la Roche (Jul 1962)

Pan Books X141 The Whiteoak Brothers by Mazo de la Roche (1962)

Pan Books X157 Whiteoak Heritage by Mazo de la Roche (1962)

Pan Books X159 Renny's Daughter by Mazo de la Roche (1962)

Pan Books X257 The Case of the Sunbather's Diary by Erle Stanley Gardner (Nov 1963)

Pan Books X291 The Case of the Terrified Typist by Erle Stanley Gardner (Mar 1964)

Pan Books G667 The Urgent Hangman by Peter Cheyney (May 1964)

Pan Books G680 I'll Say She Does! by Peter Cheyney (Aug 1964)

1 comment:

Rob Matthews said...

They don't make cover art like this anymore - exquisite stuff. I've got several of the Gardner's and Cheyney's simply for the cover!