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Monday, February 23, 2015

Attack of the Killer Comics (South of Watford, 1987)

Remember when comics were cool? Back in the late 1980s there was a buzz about comics, about how they were now for grown ups, that they were going to taken to the heart of the mainstream and standing at a bus stop reading a comic would never be embarrassing again.

It lasted for a few months but didn't have much traction with the media, who went on to discover the next big thing, although I can't remember what it was because it is swamped in my memory by so many other hot tickets that were definitely The Next Big Thing.

Here's a fascinating documentary, dating from 1987, in which John (QI) Lloyd takes viewers on a whistle-stop tour of all that was cool about comics at the time—including interviews with Dave Gibbons, Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean, Myra Hancock, Alexei Sayle and Duncan McAlpine, plus clips of Wendy James talking about her Transvision Vamp song 'Hanging Out With Halo Jones' and Chris Amos's play American Eagle performed (I believe) at the the Old Red Lion, fringe theatre in Islington.

Oh, boy... does this bring back some memories!


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