Monday, October 13, 2014

Malcolm Saville - Lone Pine Adventures

Mystery at Witchend (London, Newnes, 1943)
Girls Gone By 1904-41786-8, 2006, 320pp. Cover by Gretchen Breary

Seven White Gates (London, Newnes, 1944)
Girls Gone By 1904-41796-5, 2006, 268pp. Cover by Bertram Prance

The Gay Dolphin Adventure (London, Newnes, 1945)
Girls Gone By 978-1847-45016-6, 2007, 310pp. Cover by Bertram Prance

The Secret of Grey Walls (London, Newnes, 1947)
Girls Gone By 978-1847-45026-5, 2007, 311pp. Cover by Bertram Prance

Lone Pine Five (London, Newnes, 1949)
Girls Gone By 978-1847-45038-8, 2008, 270pp. Cover by Bertram Prance

The Elusive Grasshopper (London, Newnes, 1951)
Girls Gone By 978-1847- 45052-4, 2008, 266pp. Cover by Bertram Prance

The Neglected Mountain (London, Newnes, 1953)
Girls Gone By 978-1847-45065-4, 2009, 286pp. Cover by Bertram Prance

Saucers Over the Moor (London, Newnes, 1955)
Girls Gone By 978-1847-45075-3, 2009, 278pp. Cover by Bertram Prance

Wings Over Witchend (London, Newnes, 1956)
Girls Gone By 978-1847-45085-2, 2010, 274pp. Cover by Charles Wood

Lone Pine London (London, Newnes, 1957)
Girls Gone By 978-1847-45100-2, 2010, 282pp. Cover by Charles Wood

The Secret of the Gorge (London, Newnes, 1958)
Girls Gone By 978-1847-45108-8, 2011, 304pp. Cover by Charles Wood

Mystery Mine (London, Newnes, 1959)
Girls Gone By 978-1847-45120-0, 2011, 278pp. Cover by Terry Freeman

Sea Witch Comes Home (London, Newnes, 1960)
Girls Gone By 978-1847-45134-7, 2012, 278pp. Cover by Terry Freeman/photo by Malcolm Saville

Not Scarlet But Gold (London, Newnes, 1962)
Girls Gone By 978-1847-45143-9, 2012, 263pp. Cover by A. R. Whitear

Treasure at Amorys (London, Newnes, 1964)
Girls Gone By 978-1847-45156-9, 2013, 247pp. Cover by Terry Freeman

Man With Three Fingers (London, Newnes, 1966)
Girls Gone By 978-1847-45169-9, 2013, 263pp. Cover by Michael Whittlesea

Rye Royal (London, Collins, 1969)
Girls Gone by 978-1847-45177-4, 2014, 231pp. Cover by Peter Archer

Strangers at Witchend (London, Collins, 1970)
Girls Gone By 1904-41771-X, 2005, 208pp. Cover by Peter Archer

Where's My Girl? (London, Collins, 1972)
Girls Gone By 1904-41761-2, 2005, 180pp. Cover by Peter Archer

Home to Witchend (London, Armada, 1978)
Girls GOne By 978-1847-45205-4, 2015, 211pp. Cover by Peter Archer?

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