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Sapphire & Steel Annual 1981 (part 1)

The Sapphire & Steel Annual 1981 was a one-shot from World International Publishing, published around September 1980, its 64 pages selling for £1.95. The annuals from World around that time were a mixture of features and text stories—no comic strips.

Peter J. Hammond, who created the TV series, was not involved in the production of the annual but was given an advance look at the stories. In an interview with Rob Stanley (online here), Hammond is quoted as saying:
I did not write the stories for the Sapphire & Steel Annual, but, as with the Look In magazine, I was sent proofs to read in advance of publication. My only reservations with the stories was that Sapphire & Steel were able to move back in time. This tended to contradict the premise which had been set in the original TV series, that `time' was only allowed to break into the present day. As both of these publications were geared to younger readers, it did not worry me too much. 
Shaqui Le Vesconte informs me that the artwork is by Paul Crompton and Genn Rix. "Possibly one of their last in-house works before they went freelance. World editorial staffer Glynis Holland wrote "Rogue Robot", while Clive Hopwood wrote "Bid Time Return" and "Finger of Blood". Clive believes the other two stories may have been written by Brenda Apsley, who worked with them on that title and others."

I'll post a second selection of illustrations tomorrow.

(Sapphire & Steel © Peter J. Hammond.)

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