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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Children's Newspaper giveaways (part 2)

The second of the two Poster Stamps albums appeared in issue 888 (28 March 1936), with stamps to complete the album given away in subsequent weeks. The competition echoed the first such competition giveaway from the previous year and was introduced by the editor:
Poster Stamp Collections 

Poster Stamp collecting is becoming a popular hobby, and some of teh best examples are to be given away by the C.N.
    A new series begins this week, four beautiful examples of British Railway Posters in miniature being given with each copy of the C.N., and a magnificent Album in which to keep the stamps. Forty stamps will complete the series, and four will be given each week for the next nine weeks.
    In the Album particulars will be found of a new Mapping Test. Readers not over 15 are asked to fill in 40 place-names on the map of Britain which appears in the middle pages of the Album, and for the best attempts received not later than April 22 awards are to be made which will amount to
100,000 Miles of Free Rail Travel
There will be 100 First Prizes of 500 Miles of Travel, 100 Second Prizes of 300 Miles, and 100 Third Prizes of 200 Miles.
    Boys and girls of all ages will have an equal chance, for the prizes are to be divided in proportion to the numbers of entries received from each age. Please turn to the Album for full particulars of this most interesting test, and enter now.
    Winners of the travel awards will be able to share their success with others, and, with the holiday season not far ahead, the free travel vouchers may be used for the family holiday.
    It is regretted that it is not possible to make the Mapping Test open to overseas readers, owing to the nature of the awards. Overseas readers will, however, be able to complete the collection of Poster Stamps, and thus form a very beautiful Colour Gallery well worth keeping.
    Please remember that four Poster Stamps will appear with the C.N. each week for the net nine weeks. Make certain of completing your collection by asking your newsagent to deliver C.N. regularly.
Why not tell your friends about these magnificent C.N. offers?
As far as I'm aware, this was the last of the poster stamp giveaway competitions.

(* Children's Newspaper © Look and Learn Ltd.)

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