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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Andrea Camilleri Cover Gallery

Andrea Camilleri is the author of the Inspector Montalbano mysteries, originally published in Italy from 1994 and turned into a series of hugely popular TV movies from 1999. The novels were already being translated before the films began broadcasting on BBC4 in February 2012 and had already found an audience who probably (as I do) appreciate the change of pace from British crime dramas. Montalbano is an honest, decent detective but an imperfect man—he can be grumpy and sometimes thoughtless as he navigates through life. A loose cannon as far as his bosses are concerned, he walks a fine line through the shady world of the Mafia and Sicilian politics, and an even finer line in his personal life.

The Shape of Water [La forma dell'acqua, 1994]
Picador 0330-49286-1, 2004, 248pp, £6.99. Cover photo by Millennium Images
Picador 978-0330-49286-x, n.d., 248pp, £6.99. Cover by Jeff Fisher

The Terracotta Dog [Il cane di terracotta, 1996]
Picador 0330-49291-8, 2004, 342pp, £6.99. Cover photo by Millennium Images
Picador 978-0330-49291-1 [21st imp.] n.d., 342pp, £7.99. Cover by Jeff Fisher

The Snack Thief [Il ladro di merendine, 1996]
Picador 978-0330-49297-3, 2005, 297pp, £7.99. Cover by Jeff Fisher

The Voice of the Violin [La voce del violino, 1997]
Picador 978-0330-49299-7, 2006, 264pp, £7.99. Cover by Jeff Fisher

Excursion to Tindari [La gita a Tindari, 2000]
Picador 0330-49303-5, 2006, 312pp, £6.99. Cover by Jeff Fisher

The Scent of the Night [L'odore della notte, 2001]
Picador 978-0330-44218-3, 2007, 233pp, £6.99. Cover by Jeff Fisher

Rounding the Mark [Il giro di boa, 2003]
Picador 978-0330-44220-6, 2008, 282pp, £7.99. Cover by Jeff Fisher

The Patience of the Spider [La pazienza del ragno, 2004]
Picador 978-0330-44224-4, 2008, 280pp, £7.99. Cover by Jeff Fisher

The Paper Moon [La luna di carta, 2005]
Picador 978-0330-45728-6, 2009, 322pp, £7.99. Cover by Jeff Fisher

August Heat [La vampa d'agosto, 2006]
Picador 978-1447-24148-5, 2013, 280pp, £2.99. Cover photos by Nikki Smith/Arcangel Images

The Wings of the Sphinx [Le ali della sfinge, 2006]

The Track of Sand [La pista di sabbia, 2007]
Picador 978-0330-50767-7, 2012, 296pp, £7.99. Cover by Jeff Fisher

The Potter's Field [Il campo del vasaio, 2008]
Picador 978-1447-20330-8, 2012, 311pp, £7.99. Cover by Jeff Fisher

The Age of Doubt [L'età del dubbio, 2008]
Picador 978-1447-20332-2, 2013, 307pp, £7.99. Cover photos by Luigi Masella/Arcangel Images

The Dance of the Seagull [La danza del gabbiano, 2009]

The Treasure Hunt [La caccia al tesoro, 2010]
Picador 978-1447-22881-3, 2014, 297pp, £7.99. Cover photos by Nick Baylis/Alamy

Angelica's Smile [Il sorriso di Angelica, 2010]
Picador 978-1447-24915-3, 2015, 297pp, £7.99. Cover by Jeff Fisher

Game of Mirrors [Il gioco degli specchi, 2011]
Picador 978-1447-24921-4, 2015, 281pp, £7.99. Cover by Jeff Fisher

Blade of Light [Una lama di luce, 2012]
Picador 978-1447-26451-4, 2016, 294pp, £7.99. Cover by Jeff Fisher

A Voice in the Night [Una voce di notte, 2012]

[Un covo di vipere, 2013]

[La piramide di fango, 2014]

[La giostra degli scambi, 2015]

[L'altro capo del filo, 2016]


The Brewer of Preston [Il birraio di Preston, 1995]

Hunting Season [La stagione della cacia, 1992]
Picador 978-1447-2594-8, 2015, 184pp, £7.99. Cover design Anne Glenn (images by Corbis Images)

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