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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Henry Crystall

Crystall was, apparently, a major figure in the world of skating and it is in relation to that sport that he has crossed my path... he was the author of the 5-part series "Get Your Skates On!" in Boys' World in early 1964.

Crystall was born in Bethnal Green, London, on 15 May 1916, the son of  Solomon Crystall, a Russian immigrant who ran a fish and chip shop in Hoxton, and his wife Yetta (nee Leibovitch), a Rumanian immigrant.

Crystall was involved in roller speed skating in the 1950s and 1960s and was on the British team management at the time of the World Championships in Wetteren, Belgium, when the British team were withdrawn. (Here for more a more detailed account.)

In the 1990s, Crystall was the director of Durnsford Press Ltd. and of the Tottenham Community Sports Centre; he was a director of Community Action Sport in 1995-2004.

Crystall died in Enfield, Middlesex, in October 2004, aged 88. According to a thread on a forum for London Skaters Speed Team, an obituary appeared in October 2004; unfortunately the link is now dead and I haven't been able to find it cached or archived anywhere. Can anyone help with further information?


Sai S said...

Henry Crystall Obituary here.

Steve said...

Thanks for the link and taking the time to pass it on. It's much appreciated.