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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Digital Dandy cover gallery

Version 1: December 2012-February(?) 2013 (7(?) issues)

Version 2: April to June 2013 (13 issues)


Behind the  covers, the various strips were drawn by the following artists (from a list on the Dandy Forum, here):

Desperate Dan by David Parkins
Bananaman Andy Janes
The Numskulls by Jamie Smart
Brassneck by Stephen White
Blinky by Nick Brennan
Retro Active by Wayne Thompson
Keyhole Kate by Stephen White
Sneaker by Nick Brennan
The Laughing Planet by Tom Paterson
Growlph by Stephen Waller
Flatman and Ribbon by Dean Rankine
Jonah by Mike Pearse
Hyde and Shriek by Tom Paterson
Harry and his Hippo by Dan Gaynor
Kingo Bango by Jamie Smart
Expirin' Uncle Byron by Tom Paterson
Bertie Buncle and his Chemical Uncle by Gary Boller
Bad Hair Day by Alexander Matthews
Hammie the Hopping-Mad Hamster by Graham Howie
The Little Squelchy Thingies by Tom Paterson

If anyone has any corrections to this listing, please let me know.

(* Dandy © D. C. Thomson.)

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George Shiers said...

Here's one of the missing covers from the first version: