Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Act of Faith

Act of Faith is a prelude to Jimmy's End, the upcoming short film by Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins.

It’s raining in Northampton and Faith Harrington has Friday evening ahead of her,
her favourite outfit and her favourite face, her top tunes shimmering on the CD player:
"When the lamp burns low on the bureau, even though I’m far from you..."

Stars Siobhan Hewlett. "In a curtain-raiser prelude to their forthcoming short film Jimmy's End, Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins, with Siobhan Hewlett, introduce us to a world of unfamiliar atmospheres, precarious entertainments, and insidious detail. Act of Faith unveils an isolated corner of the modern night, where carrion crows become the only comforters and it’s a quarter to eternity." – Jimmysend.com.

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