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Recent Releases: October 2012


The Best of Alex 2012 by Charles Peattie & Russell Taylor.
Prion ISBN 978-1853758591, 11 October 2012, 88pp, £9.99. [£7.37 from Amazon]
2012 marks the 25th anniversary of the "Alex" cartoon strip, which began mocking the financial world back in the yuppie years, when bankers were held in public contempt for being greedy, arrogant and immoral. A quarter of a century later they still are; which leaves us satirists wondering what on earth was the point?
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The Best of Alf Tupper, The Tough of the Tracks, ed. Morris Heggie.
Prion ISBN 978-1853758614, 11 October 2012, 144pp, £12.99. [£9.09 from Amazon]
The Tough of the Track was The Victor's most popular hero, having instilled the competitive spirit into millions of British lads for over 50 years. A welder who worked under railway arches, Alf Tupper survived on a diet of fish and chips. He was always the underdog, running against posh toffs who devised underhand ways of keeping him off the winner's rostrum. Although Alf often looked beaten, he nearly always came through in the final few strides, exclaiming "I've run him!" as he breasted the winning tape in a photo-finish. Published in the year the Olympic Games returns to Britain, this nostalgic anthology will not only be the perfect gift for the millions of men whose love of sport was kindled in their youth by Alf Tupper, but will also enthrall and inspire a new generation of boys to go and win against all the odds.
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Charley's War: Death From Above (Vol. 9) by Pat Mills & Joe Colquhoun.
Titan Books ISBN 978-0857683007, 26 October 2012, 120pp, £14.99. [£10.49 from Amazon]
In this explosive new ninth volume of never-before-collected comic strip, including for the first time reproductions of original artwork from artist Joe Colquhoun's archive, things are looking up for Charley after he meets the love of his life. But their wedding is destroyed by the roar of destructive Zeppelin Bombers from Berlin!
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Dante's Inferno by Hunt Emerson & Kevin Jackson.
Knockabout ISBN 978-0861661695, 10 October 2012, 88pp, £11.99. [£8.39 from Amazon]
Hunt Emerson, the dazzlingly talented cartoonist, tackles the biggest literary name of them all: Dante. Emerson's Inferno delights on many levels: as an ingenious translation of classic verse; an effortlessly readable introduction to a complex poem; a delicious crib for anxious Dante students; and as a warm tribute from the master of one art form to the grand master of another. Hunt's cartoon is followed by Kevin Jackson's essay on Dante. Wildly clever and witty, but essentially reverent, it is a wonderful treat for anyone who already loves Dante.
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The James Bond Omnibus 004 by Jim Lawrence & Yaroslav Horak.
Titan Books ISBN 978-0857685896, 12 October 2012, 288pp, £14.99. [£12.74 from Amazon]
The daring James Bond is back in a definitive bumper edition collecting the second period of Jim Lawrence's celebrated run in comic strip form! Includes nine of Bond's most thrilling and dangerous missions: "Trouble Spot", "Isle of Condor's", "The League of Vampires", "Die With My Boots On", "The Girl Machine", "Beware of Butterflies", "The Nevsky Nude", "The Phoenix Project" and "The Black Ruby Caper".
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Matt: The Best of 2012 by Matthew Pritchett.
Orion ISBN 978-1409121565, 25 October 2012, 80pp, £6.99. [£4.33 from Amazon]
From the Olympics to the Jubilee, transport troubles to the recession, Matt reviews the last 12 months in his own inimitable style.
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Mrs Weber's Omnibus by Posy Simmonds.
Jonathan Cape ISBN 978-0224096836, 25 October 2012, 488pp, £20.00.[£13.09 from Amazon]
In May 1977 Posy Simmonds, an unknown young illustrator, started drawing a weekly comic strip for the Guardian. It began as a silly parody of girls' adventure stories, making satirical comments about contemporary life. The strip soon focused on three 1950s school friends in their later middle-class and nearly middle-aged lives: Wendy Weber, a former nurse married to polytechnic sociology lecturer George with a large brood of children; Jo Heep, married to whisky salesman Edmund with two rebellious teenagers; and Trish Wright, married to philandering advertising executive Stanhope and with a young baby. The strip, which was latterly untitled and usually known just as 'Posy', ran until the late 1980s.
__Collected here for the first time are the complete strips. Although celebrated for pinpointing the concerns of Guardian readers in the 1980s and their constant struggle to remain true to the ideals of the 1960s, they are in fact remarkably undated. They show one of Britain's favourite cartoonists, celebrated for Literary Life and Tamara Drewe, maturing into genius.
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Nikolai Dante: Sympathy for the Devil by Robbie Morrison, Simon Fraser & John Burns.
Rebellion ISBN 978-1781080733, 11 October 2012, 224pp, £18.99. [£13.29 from Amazon]
For over fifteen years, Nikolai Dante – the swashbuckling ‘Hero of the Revolution’ – has been entertaining the readers of 2000 AD as he fought, thieved and loved his way through life in 27th-Century Russia. A long-running story of grand adventure which began in 1997 reaches its conclusion in 2012. one of 2000 AD’s most popular characters, Dante has become an iconic part of the British comics scene.
__In this final installment of his epic story, Dante must escape from captivity in order to lead the Revolutionary army in its fi nal battle against his tyrannical father, the psychotic Dimitri Romanov.
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Not Forgotten 2009-10 by Steve Holland.
Bear Alley Books ISBN 978-1907081668, 8 October 2012, 98pp, £12.99.
Not Forgotten 2009-10 records the passing of 35 comic strip and cartoon creators, some well-known, some forgotten, yet others better known for their work in other fields.
__The artists and writers whose careers are recorded in this volume include Alan Hemus, Tony Hart, Robert Peacock, Jose 'Pepe' Gonzalez, Jose Casanovas Sr., Ron 'Nobby' Clark, Malcolm Douglas, Bernet Toledano, John Donegan, Adrian Kermode, Giorgio Bellavitis, John Ryan, Francisco Hidalgo, Roy Raymonde, Carlos Roume, Ricardo Garijo, Terry Challis, Xavier Musquera, Francis 'Smilby' Wilford-Smith, Geoffrey Bond, Richard Hook, Ian Scott, Bill Ritchie, Virgilio Muzzi, John Hicklenton, Peter O'Donnell, Roy Mitchell, Victor de la Fuente, Ted Rawlings, Fernando Fernandez, E. C. Tubb, Jose Maria Jorge, Les Gibbard and Paddy Morris.
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Steven Appleby's Guide to Life. The Collected Loomus Cartoons by Steven Appleby.
Guardian Books ISBN 978-0852653777, 11 October 2012, 176pp, £14.99. [£10.49 from Amazon]
Steven Appleby's weekly 'Loomus' cartoon is one of the Guardian's most popular features.Together they form a quirky, original and hilariously perceptive guide to the unexpected twists and turns of everyday life.
__Have you ever wondered how to be a good house guest, been a victim of the curse of the evil spell check or wanted to learn the secrets of smell spotting? Here, you'll find all the answers to life's big questions.
__With original notes and roughs, new illustrations and musings, and an insight into the art of creating the perfect cartoon, Steven Appleby's Guide to Life is a must-have collector's item and a brilliant gift.
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Tank Girl: Carioca by Alan Martin & Mike McMahon.
Titan Books ISBN 978-0857687432, 26 October 2012, 136pp, £14.99. [£12.74 from Amazon]
Tank Girl returns again in a brand new graphic novel written by original co-creator Alan Martin with artwork by the amazing Mike McMahon ("Judge Dredd")! After our heroine is rudely snubbed on a TV game show, she plots the death of the vulgar host in question - unwittingly releasing the vengeance of his embittered wife and a gang of highly trained assassins as a result!
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