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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Wilson Tucker Cover Gallery

Arthur Wilson "Bob" Tucker was an American SF fan and writer who had a handful of his books published in paperback here in the UK. I picked up some of his books in the late 1970s probably based on the Peter Elson covers and intriguing titles ( Ice and Iron, The Year of the Quiet Sun). You'll find lots more information about Bob Tucker at the Science Fiction Encyclopedia, Wikipedia and his official website.

The gallery below covers only those titles that had UK editions. As well as science fiction, Tucker also wrote eleven mystery novels.

The City in the Sea (1951)
Nova NS2, 1954, 154pp, 2/-. Cover by Gerald Quinn

The Long Loud Silence (1952)
Guild 05, 1953, 191pp, 2/-.
Coronet 0340-25087-9, 1980, 156pp.

Wild Talent (1954)
Coronet 0340-25100-X, (Jul) 1980, 192pp.

The Lincoln Hunters (1958)
Coronet 0340-23838-0, 1979, 190pp.

The Year of the Quiet Sun (1970)
Arrow Books 0099-06040-X, 1972.
---- [2nd imp.] 1978, 191pp, 80p. Cover by Peter Elson

This Witch (1971)
Arrow Books 0099-09430-4, 1974, 179pp, 40p.

The Time Masters (1971)
Panther Books 0586-03917-1, 1974, 159pp. Cover by Bruce Pennington

Ice and Iron (1974)
Arrow Books 0099-13910-3, Feb 1977, 181pp, 60p. Cover by Peter Elson

(* Our column header is the original artwork for the cover of Tucker's Ice and Iron, © Estate of Peter Elson, which can be found here at the Peter Elson website.)


  1. Cover art for "The Time Masters" is by Bruce Pennington.

  2. I've added Pennington's name. Thanks.