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Thursday, April 05, 2012

World of Wonder: part 31

Ralph Bruce
Angus McBride
(* World of Wonder © Look and Learn Ltd.)


Norman Boyd said...

Seeing these McBrides reminded me to ask a question. I always felt that McBride had a 'sheen' to his work like Embleton but not so 'stark'. Is there a connection between them besides illustrating in the same sort of comics and era? I know Mike Noble said his contemporaries always challenged him to do better and he always analysed Bellamy's work and wonder how he got 'away with it'. Is this just another case of inspiration?

Steve said...

Hi Norman,

I don't think there was any connection between McBride and the other artists you mention; I'm sure he would have seen their work and, no doubt, took away some inspiration from the likes of Embleton, but I doubt any of them ever met.