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Monday, April 16, 2012

Coral Island part 1

Here's a bit of a treat for you... Mike Hubbard's 1966 adaptation of Coral Island based on R. M. Ballantyne's hugely popular boy's adventure novel. Unlike Robinson Crusoe, the three lads shipwrecked on the reef aren't alone for long and they discover that their uninhabited island isn't short of visitors. I'll be running the strip over next weekend to give myself a chance to clean up some artwork for the next few episodes of our World of Wonder galleries and to work up some more cover galleries. These things take time, folks, and that's one thing I haven't had much to spare recently.

(And just to prove how much of a mad rush this was done in, I didn't even check to see whether we'd run the strip before... and it turns out that I ran it back in February 2010. Too late to sort out something new now, so I hope this will be fresh to most of you;  to anyone who has been reading for years, I redid the clean-up on the artwork on some of the episodes, so it should look better than last time.)

(* Artwork © Look and Learn Ltd. Reprinted by permission.)

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  1. Gorgeous work - thanks for this. I've flagged this up at Irish Comic News - as I'm sure you're aware, Mike Hubbard was from Dublin.