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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Roy Bullen

Roy Bullen was a (perhaps irregular) contributor to various D. C. Thomson papers whose writing career seems to stretch to quite a few decades. I believe Roy Bullen lived in Guildford for many years, contributing to Battle Picture Library and Commando in the late 1960s and early 1970s as well as penning a strip for Buddy in the early 1980s. He seems to have later moved to the Sheffield area and published a number of books on military history.

History of the 2/7th Battalion the Queen's (Royal Regiment, 1939-1946. Guildford, 1958.
Sheffield's Volunteer Armies. The roll of the Loyal Sheffield Volunteers, 1794-1795; The Sheffield Volunteer Infantry, 1803-1808
. Sheffield, Sheffield & District Family History Society, 2002.

The Old Days in Dore. A history of Dore
, drafted by J. Hancock, edited by Roy Bullen. S. Yorkshire, Dore, R. Bullen, 1988.
In Praise of Rambling. Poetry and prose for countrygoers, compiled by Roy Bullen. Sheffield, R. Bullen, 1999.

Comic Strips
The Deserter. Battle Picture Library 354, Jul 1968, art by P. Martinez Henares.
Framed. Commando 521, Jan 1971, art by Victor de la Fuente.
The Sands of Fear. Commando 564, Jul 1971, art by Collado.

(* Commando © D. C. Thomson.)

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