Sunday, March 04, 2012

Norman Pett's Jane

Today's cover gallery is actually a bit of a miscellany inspired by a Bear Alley reader Maurice Poole who mentioned that he had some original photos of Jane... or, rather of Crystabel Leighton-Porter who was artist Norman Pett's model for Jane from 1940 on.

That got me thinking about the Jane books published in the 1940s; I don't think I was ever happy with the list I'd compiled back in the days when I was doing the Comic Book Price Guide as there were a couple of very confusing titles: there were two books called Jane's Journal and two books called Another Journal, plus one called Another Jane's Journal. And then there were a few other miscellaneous titles just to muddy the water further.

So here's the best version of a chronological listing I can manage.

Jane's Journal
Thomas Publications, Mar 1942, 64pp, 2/6.

Another Jane's Journal
Thomas Publications, (Jan?) 1943, 3/6.

Pett's Annual
Thomas Publications, 1944, 80pp, 3/6.

Jane's Summer Idle
Mirror, Jun 1946, 36pp, 1/-.

Jane's Journal
A. Rylee, Nov 1946, 84pp, 3/6.

Jane on the Sawdust Trail
Mirror, 1947, 36pp, 2/-.

Another Journal
A. Rylee, Jun 1950, 68pp, 2/6.

Another Journal
A. Rylee, Nov 1951, 68pp, 3/6.

Jane Souvenir
(publisher, date unknown)

(* With thanks to Maurice Poole for some of these scans.)


  1. Great item.
    Please can anyone direct me to Maurice Pooles photo's of Jane. We think these were taken at our house. Thank-you.
    Kind regards,

  2. Did you get in touch with Maurice?



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