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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Norman Pett's Jane

Today's cover gallery is actually a bit of a miscellany inspired by a Bear Alley reader Maurice Poole who mentioned that he had some original photos of Jane... or, rather of Crystabel Leighton-Porter who was artist Norman Pett's model for Jane from 1940 on.

That got me thinking about the Jane books published in the 1940s; I don't think I was ever happy with the list I'd compiled back in the days when I was doing the Comic Book Price Guide as there were a couple of very confusing titles: there were two books called Jane's Journal and two books called Another Journal, plus one called Another Jane's Journal. And then there were a few other miscellaneous titles just to muddy the water further.

So here's the best version of a chronological listing I can manage.

Jane's Journal
Thomas Publications, Mar 1942, 64pp, 2/6.

Another Jane's Journal
Thomas Publications, (Jan?) 1943, 3/6.

Pett's Annual
Thomas Publications, 1944, 80pp, 3/6.

Jane's Summer Idle
Mirror, Jun 1946, 36pp, 1/-.

Jane's Journal
A. Rylee, Nov 1946, 84pp, 3/6.

Jane on the Sawdust Trail
Mirror, 1947, 36pp, 2/-.

Another Journal
A. Rylee, Jun 1950, 68pp, 2/6.

Another Journal
A. Rylee, Nov 1951, 68pp, 3/6.

Jane Souvenir
(publisher, date unknown)

(* With thanks to Maurice Poole for some of these scans.)

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Anonymous said...

Great item.
Please can anyone direct me to Maurice Pooles photo's of Jane. We think these were taken at our house. Thank-you.
Kind regards,