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Brian W. Aldiss: Cover Gallery

Another very patchy collection, especially embarrassing as Brian Aldiss is not only one of Britain's finest writers but is still adding to his CV, his latest novel appearing in 2009 and his latest collection of poetry published only a matter of months ago. He also very kindly wrote a foreword to Sci-Fi Art: A Graphic History. Brian has a website and you can find out more about his work at Wikipedia.

NOVELS (series: Helliconia; Squire quartet; Horatio Stubbs)

The Brightfount Diaries, illustrated by Pearl Falconfer (London, Faber, 1955)

Non-Stop (London, Faber, 1958; abridged as Starship, New York, Criterion, 1959)
Digit Books R396, cy1958 (Oct 1960), 160pp, 2/6. Cover by Ed Emsh (reprints Ace D369)
Pan Books 0330-24638-0, 1976, 204pp.
---- [xth imp.] 1977
Grafton 0586-06817-1, (Dec) 1987, 269pp, £2.95.
Roc 0140-17353-6, (Mar) 1993, 272pp, £4.99. Cover by Keith Scaife
Millennium 1857-98998-8 (SF Masterworks 33), (Sep) 2000, 241pp, £6.99. Cover by Fred Gambino

Vanguard From Alpha (New York, Ace, 1960; as Equator (with additional story), London, Digit, 1961)
Digit Books R533, (Oct) 1961, 160pp, 2/6. Cover by unknown
Digit Books R695, (Apr) 1963, 157pp, 2/6.
New English Library 0450-01501-7, Jun 1973, 127pp, 30p. Cover by Bruce Pennington
----, [2nd imp.] Jun 1973, 127pp, 30p. Cover as above
New English Library 0450-3041-5, Jan 1977, 50p.

Bow Down to Nul (New York, Ace, 1960; restored as The Interpreter, London, Digit, 1961)
Digit Books R506, (Jul) 1961, 156pp, 2/6. Cover by unknown
Digit Books R766, (Oct) 1963, 158pp, 2/6. Cover by unknown
Four Square Books 1970, Jun 1967, 126pp, 3/6. Cover by Josh Kirby
New English Library 0450-01142-9, [2nd imp.] Jun 1972, 126pp, 25p. Cover by Bruce Pennington
New English Library 0450-01457-6, [3rd imp.] Feb 1973, 126pp, 30p. Cover as above
New English Library 0450-02713-9, [?4th imp.] May 1975, 126pp, 35p. Cover as above

The Male Response (New York, Beacon, 1961; London, Dobson, 1963)
Four Square Books 1623, Oct 1966, 174pp, 3/6. Cover: photo
Panther Books 0586-04310-1, 1976, 224pp. Cover photo by Beverley le Barrow

The Primal Urge (New York, Ballantine, 1961; London, Sphere, 1967)
Sphere Books 0722-01082-0, 1967, 191pp, 5/-. Cover: photo by David Davies
----, [xth imp.] Cover: photo
Panther Books 0586-04380-2, 1976, 191pp.
House of Stratus 0755-10059-X, 2001, 221pp, £6.99. Cover by Derek Edwards

Hothouse (London, Faber, 1962; as The Long Afternoon of Earth, New York, New American Library, 1962)
Four Square Books 1147, 1964, 205pp.
----, [?2nd imp.] 1965
----, [xth imp.] (Jun 1967), 3/6.
Sphere Books (SF Classics 1), 1969
----, [2nd imp.] (SF Classics 1) 1971, 205pp. Cover by Eddie Jones
----, [3rd imp.] (SF Classics 1) 1973, 30p. Cover by Eddie Jones
----, [4th imp.] 1976. Cover by Eddie Jones
Sphere Books 0722-11103-7, [5th imp.] 1977, 206pp, 75p. Cover by Eddie Jones
Granada/Panther 0586-04990-8, 1979, xix+205pp. [introduction by Joseph Milicia]
----, [xth imp.] 1984. Cover by Tim White
Victor Gollancz 0575-04735-6 (VGSF 41), 1990, 206pp, £3.99. Cover by Peter Elson
House of Stratus 0755-10060-3, 2000, 269pp, £6.99.
Penguin 0141-18955-X, 2008, x+272pp. [introduction by Neil Gaiman; afterword by Aldiss]

The Dark Light Years (London, Faber, 1964; New York, New American Library, 1964)
Four Square Books 1437, Feb 1966, 158pp, 3/6. Cover by Karel Thole
New English Library 0450-00710-3, [2nd imp.] May 1971, 159pp, 30p. Cover by Bruce Pennington
----, [3rd imp.] Apr 1972, 159pp, 30p. Cover as above
New English Library 0450-02306-0, [?4th imp.] May 1975, 40p. Cover as above
Panther Books 0586-04987-8, 1979, 159pp. Cover by Peter Goodfellow

Greybeard (London, Faber, 1965; New York, Doubleday, 1966; revised Sutton, Severn House, 1993)
Panther Books 0586-02460-3, 1968, 219pp. Cover: photo
---- 0586-02460-3 2, [2nd imp.] 1972, 219pp.
---- [xth imp.] 1974, Cover by Bob Haberfield?
Triad (?)
Roc 0140-17354-4, (Jan) 1994, 207pp, £4.99. Cover by Keith Scaife
House of Stratus 0755-10063-8, (Mar) 2001, 258pp, £6.99.

Earthworks (London, Faber, 1965; New York, Doubleday, 1966)
Four Square Books 1741, 1967, 125pp, 3/6. Cover by Karel Thole
New English Library 0450-01141-0, 1972, 126pp, 25p. Cover by Bruce Pennington
New English Library 0450-02221-8, Dec 1974, 30p. Cover as above
Panther Books 0586-04993-2, 1979, 126pp.
Methen Paperbacks 0413-17740-8, (Jul) 1988, 125pp, £2.95. Cover by John Higgins

An Age (London, Faber, 1967; as Cryptozoic, New York, Doubleday, 1968)
Sphere Books 0722-11081-2, 1969, 187pp.
Sphere Books, 1973.
Sphere Books 0722-11104-5, 1977, 187pp.
Panther Books 0586-04992-4, 1979, 187pp.
Victor Gollancz 0575-04179-X (VGSF 30), (Feb) 1989, 187pp, £2.99. Cover by Nick Rogers
House of Stratus 0755-10053-0, 211pp, £6.99.

Report on Probability A
. London, Faber, 1968; New York, Doubleday, 1968.
Sphere Book 0722-11085-5, 1969, 156pp.
----, [?2nd imp.] 1973
Sphere Books 0722-11108-8, 1977, 156pp, 85p. Cover by unknown

Barefoot in the Head
(London, Faber, 1969; New York, Doubleday, 1970)
Corgi Books 0552-08763-7, 1971, 236pp.
Corgi Books 0552-09653-9, 1974, 236pp.
Panther Books 0586-04988-6, 1979, 236pp.
Victor Gollancz 9575-04181-1 (VGSF 46), (Dec) 1990, 236pp, £3.99. Cover by Fred Gambino
House of Stratus 0755-10066-2, 2000, 271pp, £6.99.

The Hand-Reared Boy (Stubbs; London, Weidenfeld, 1970; New York, Mew York, McCann, 1970)
Corgi Books 0552-11143-0, 1979, 142pp.
Souvenir Press 0285-63516-6, 1999, 189pp.

A Soldier Erect (Stubbs; London, Weidenfeld, 1971; New York, McCann, 1971)
Corgi Books 0552-09018-2, 1972, 222pp.
----, [2nd imp.] 1972.
----, [3rd imp.] 1973.
----, [4th imp.] 1974
----, [5th imp.] 1976.
----, [6th imp.] 1979, 222pp, 95p. Cover: photo

Frankenstein Unbound
(London, Cape, 1973; New York, Random House, 1974)
Pan Books 0330-24546-5, 1975, 157pp. Cover adapts Fawcett Crest Q2473, 1975
Triad 0586-05434-0, 1982, 156pp.
New English Library 0450-53096-5, (Jan) 1991, 216pp, £3.50.
House of Stratus 0755-10069-7, 2000, 188pp, £6.99.

The Eighty-Minute Hour (London, Cape, 1974; New York, Doubleday, 1974)
Pan Books 0330-24547-3, 1975, 235pp.
Triad/Panther 0586-06237-8, 1985, 288pp. Cover by Chris Foss

The Malacia Tapestry (London, Cape, 1976; New York, Harper, 1977)
Panther/Triad 0586-04497-3, 1976, x+292pp, 95p. Cover by Peter Goodfellow
---- [?2nd imp.] 1984, x+292pp, £1.95. Cover by Philip Tonkyn
Methuen Paperback 0413-17730-0, (Jul) 1988, 292pp, £3.50. Cover by John Higgins
House of Stratus 0755-10071-9, 2001, 338pp. Cover by Derek Edwards

Brothers of the Head, illus by Ian Pollock (London & New York, Pierrot, 1977; with Where the Lines Converge, London, Panther, 1979)
Pierrot Publishing 0905-31001-2, 1977, 119pp.
Panther Books 0586-04994-0, 1979, 156pp.
Grafton, (Jan) 1986, £1.95.

A Rude Awakening (Stubbs; London, Weldenfeld, 1978; New York, Random House, 1979)
Corgi Books 0552-11142-2, 1979, 223pp.

Enemies of the System (London, Cape, 1978; New York, Harper & Row, 1978)
Triad/Panther 0586-04996-7, 1980, 124pp.

Life in the West (Squire; London, Weidenfeld, 1980; New York, Carroll & Graf, 1990)
Corgi Books 0552-11834-6, 1982, 302pp.
Abacus 0349-11067-0, 1998, 304pp.

Moreau’s Other Island (London, Cape, 1980; as An Island Called Moreau, New York, Simon & Schuster, 1981)
Triad 0586-05455-3, 1982, 176pp.

Helliconia Spring (London, Cape, 1982; New York, Atheneum, 1982)
Triad/Granada 0586-05365-4, 1983, 555pp, £1.95. Cover by Tim Gill
Grafton 0586-05365-4, [xth imp.] (Nov) 1988, 555pp, £3.50.

Helliconia Summer (London, Cape, 1983; New York, Atheneum, 1983)
Triad/Panther 0586-05366-2, 1985, 576pp, £2.50. Cover by Tim Gill
Grafton 0586-05366-2, [xth imp.] (Nov) 1988, 576pp, £3.50.

Helliconia Winter (London, Cape, 1985; New York, Atheneum, 1985)
Triad/Panther 0586-05367-0, (May) 1986, 393pp, £2.50. Cover by Tim Gill
----, [xth imp.], £2.95.
Triad/Grafton 0586-05367-0 [4th imp.] n.d., 393pp, £4.50.

The Year Before Yesterday (New York, Franklin Watts, 1987; revised as Cracken at Critical, London, Kerosina, 1987)
New English Library 0450-50083-7, (Jul) 1989, 200pp, £2.99. Cover by Nick

Ruins, illus. by Salim Patell (London, Century Hutchinson, 1987)
Arena 0099-53650-1, (Nov) 1988, 95pp, £2.50.

Forgotten Life (Squire; London, Gollancz, 1988; New York, Macmillan Atheneum, 1988)
Mandarin 0749-30123-6, (May) 1989, 398pp, £3.99. Cover by John Holmes
Abacus 0349-11066-2, 1998, 284pp.

Dracula Unbound (New York, HarperCollins, 1991; London, Grafton, 1991)
Grafton 0586-21193-4, (Apr) 1992, 247pp, £4.99. Cover by Chris Foss

Remembrance Day (Squire; London, HarperCollins, 1993; New York, St. Martin’s, 1993)
Flamingo 0006-54679-X, (Aug) 1994, 268pp, £5.99. Cover by Gary Embury
Abacus 0349-11149-9, (May) 1999, 311pp, £6.99.

Somewhere East of Life: Another European Fantasia (Squire; London, Flamingo, 1994; New York, Carroll & Graf, 1994)
Flamingo 0006-54763-X, (Nov) 1995, 392pp, £5.99. Cover by Gary Embury
Abacus 0349-11148-0, (May) 1999, 408pp, £6.99.

White Mars; or, The Mind Set Free. A 21st-Century Utopia, with Roger Penrose (London, Little Brown, 1999)
Warner Books 0751-52978-8, (Nov) 2000, 323pp, £7.99.

Super-State (London, Orbit, 2000)
Orbit 1841-49211-6, (Apr) 2003, 230pp, £6.99.

The Cretan Teat (Thirsk, N. Yorkshire, House of Stratus, 2002)
House of Stratus 0755-11147-8, (May) 2002, 206pp, £9.99.

Affairs at Hampden Ferrers (London, Little Brown, 2004)
(no UK paperback edition?)

Jocasta: “Wife and Mother” (London, The Rose Press, 2004 [2005])
(no UK paperback edition?)

Sanity and the Lady, introduction by Ian R. MacLeod (Hornsea, Yorkshire, PS Publishing, 2005)
(no UK paperback edition?)

HARM (New York, Ballantine Books, 2007; London, Duckworth, 2007)
(no UK paperback edition)

Walcot. (Uppingham, Ruthland, Goldmark, 2009)
(no UK paperback edition)

Finches of Mars (London, The Friday Project Ltd., 2013)
(no UK paperback edition)

The Comfort Zone (London, The Friday Project Ltd., 2013)
(no UK paperback edition)


Space, Time and Nathaniel. London, Faber, 1957; revised as No Time Like Tomorrow, New York, Signet, 1959)
Four Square Books 1496, (May) 1966, 159pp, 3/6.
New English Library 0450-00706-5, [2nd imp.] May 1971, 159pp, 30p. Cover by Bruce Pennington
----, [3rd imp.] Mar 1972. Cover as above
New English Library 0450-02084-3, [4th imp.] Sep 1974, 159pp, 40p. Cover as above
Panther Books 0586-04989-4, 1979, 190pp.

The Canopy of Time (London, Faber, 1958; revised as Galaxies Like Grains of Sand, New York, Signet, 1960; revised, under original title, Panther, 1979; revised again as Galaxies Like Grains of Sand, London, Victor Gollancz, 1989)
Four Square Books 821, 1963, 191pp. Cover by unknown
Four Square Books 1078, [2nd imp.] 1964, 3/6.
New English Library 0450-00708-1, (May) 1971, 191pp, 30p. Cover by Bruce Pennington
New English Library 0450-02254-4, Nov 1974, 40p. Cover as above
Panther Books 0586-04985-1, 1979, 188pp.
Granada 0586-04985-1, 1985. Cover by Vincent Di Fate
Victor Gollancz 0575-04180-3, (Sep) 1989, 188pp, £2.99. Cover by Brian Waugh

The Airs of Earth (London, Faber, 1963; revised as Starswarm, New York, Signet, 1964; London, Gollancz, 1990)
Four Square Books 1325, (Sep) 1965, 190pp.
New English Libray 0450-00707-3, [2nd imp.] May 1971, 190pp, 30p. Cover by Bruce Pennington
----, [3rd imp.] Aug 1972, 190pp, 35p. Cover as above
New English Library 0450-02097-5, [?4th imp.] Oct 1974, 40p. Cover as above
Panther 0586-04991-6, 1979, 190pp.
Granada/Panther, 1985. Cover by Vincent Di Fate
Victor Gollancz 0575-04182-X (VGSF 45), (Aug) 1990, 190pp, £3.50.
House of Stratus 0755-10061-1, 2000, 230pp, £6.99.

Best SF Stories of Brian W. Aldiss. London, Faber, 1965; as Who Can Replace a Man, New York, Harcourt Brace, 1966; revised under original title, London, Faber, 1971.
(UK paperback edition?)

The Saliva Tree, and Other Strange Growths (London, Faber, 1966; with introduction by Peter Nicholls, New York, Gregg Press, 1981; bound with Born of the Dead by Robert Silverberg, New York, Tor, 1988)
Sphere 0722-01083-9, 1968, 253pp, 5/-. Cover photo by David Davies
Sphere 0722-01096-0, [2nd imp.] 1971, 253pp, 30p. Cover by unknown
Sphere 0733-11102-9, 1973, 253pp.
Sphere 0733-11073-1, 1979, 253pp. Cover by unknown

Intangibles Inc., and Other Stories (London, Faber, 1969; revised as Neanderthal Planet, New York, Avon, 1970)
Corgi Books 0552-08626-6, 1971, 190pp.
Corgi Books 0552-10044-7, 1975, 189pp.

The Moment of Eclipse (London, Faber, 1971; New York, Doubleday, 1971)
Panther Books 0586-03776-4, 1973, 189pp.
----, [2nd imp.] 1979, 189pp.
Granada 0586-03776-4, [3rd imp.] 1985. Cover by Vincent Di Fate
House of Stratus 0755-10079-4, 2000, 206pp, £6.99.

The Book of Brian Aldiss (New York, DAW Books, 1972; as Comic Inferno, London, New English Library, 1973)
New English Library 0450-01636-6, 1973, 159pp. Cover by Bruce Pennington

Last Orders, and Other Stories (London, Cape, 1977; New York, Carroll & Graf, 1989)
Triad 0586-04681-X, 1979, 222pp. Cover by Vincent di Fate

New Arrivals, Old Encounters (London, Cape, 1979; New York, Harper & Row, 1979)
Triad 0586-05011-6, 1983, 240pp.
----, [?2nd edition] 1985. Cover by Tim White
House of Stratus 0755-10080-8, 2001.

A Romance of the Equator. Novacon, 1980.

Foreign Bodies. Singapore, Chopmen Publishers, 1981.
(no UK paperback edition)

Best of Aldiss. Bestsellers/Viaduct Publications, 1983.
(no UK paperback edition)

Seasons in Flight (London, Cape, 1984; New York, Atheneum, 1986; revised with additional story, London, Triad Grafton, 1986)
Triad Grafton 0586-06604-7, (Mar) 1986, 176pp, £1.95.
House of Stratus 0755-10084-0, 2001, 130pp.

My Country ‘Tis Not Only of Thee. A story of the world after the Vietnam War (Oxford, Aldiss Appreciation Society, 1986)

The Magic of the Past (Worcester Park, Surrey, Kerosina, 1987)
Keronsina 0948-89313-3, (Aug) 1987, 48pp, £4.50.

Best SF Stories of Brian W. Aldiss (London, Gollancz, 1988; as Man in His Time: The Best Science Fiction Stories of Brian W. Aldiss, New York, Atheneum, 1989; London, Gollancz, 1989)
Victor Gollancz 0575-04530-2, (Jun) 1989, 328pp, £3.50.

A Romance of the Equator, Best Fantasy Stories (London, Gollancz, 1988; New York, Atheneum, 1990)
Victor Gollancz VGSF 0575-04778-X, (May) 1990, 345pp, £3.99. Cover by Lanfranco
House of Stratus 0755-10081-6, 2001, vi+392pp.

Science Fiction Blues: The Show that Brian Aldiss took on the Road. A selection of his best stories, poetry and speculations, edited by Frank Hatherley (London, Avernus, 1988)
Avernus 1871-50300-0, (Oct) 1988, 159pp, £4.95.

Bodily Functions (London, Avernus, 1991)
(no UK paperback edition)

Journey to the Goat Star. Eugene, Oregon, Pulphouse Publishing, 1991.
(no UK edition)

A Tupolev Too Far and Other Stories (London, HarperCollins, 1993; New York, St. Martin's Press, 1994)
HarperCollins 0006-47631-7, (Oct) 1994, 232pp, £4.99. Cover by Fred Gambino

The Secret of This Book (London, HarperCollins, 1995; as Common Clay, New York, St. Martin’s Press, 1996)
HarperCollins 0006-49793-4, (Nov) 1996, 334pp, £5.99. Cover by Gary Embury

A Chinese Perspective (Driffield, E. Yorkshire, James Goddard, 2000)
James Goddard (no ISBN), (Aug) 2000, 72pp, £7.95.

Supertoys Last All Summer Long and Other Stories of Future Times (New York, St Martin's Griffin, 2001; London, Orbit, 2001; as AI: Supertoys Las All Summer Long and Other Stories of Future Times, London, Orbit, 2001)
Orbit 1841-49043-1, (Jan) 2001, xix+232pp, £6.99.
Orbit 1941-49094-6, (Jul) 2001, xix+232pp, £5.99. Cover: photo. Movie Tie-in.

Cultural Breaks (San Francisco, California, Tachyon Publications, 2005)
(no UK paperback edition)

The Invention of Happiness (Hornsea, E. Yorkshire, PS Publishing, 2013)
(no UK paperback edition)

The Complete Short Stories: The 1950s (London, HarperCollins/The Friday Project, 2013)
The Friday Project 978-0007-47208-5, (Oct) 2013, 864pp, £19.99. [tpb]

The Complete Short Stories: The 1960s (Part 1) (London, Harper Voyager, 2015)
Harper Voyager

The Complete Short Stories: The 1960s (Part 2) (London, Harper Voyager, 2015)
Harper Voyager 978-0007-57638-7,  (Sep) 2015, 396pp, £10.99. [tpb]

The Complete Short Stories: The 1960s (Part 3) (London, Harper Voyager, 2015)
Harper Voyager 978-0008-14894-2, (Sep) 2015, 412pp, £10.99. [tpb]

The Complete Short Stories: The 1960s (Part 4) (London, Harper Voyager, 2015)
Harper Voyager 978-0008-14896-6, (Sep) 2015, 620pp, £10.99. [tpb]

A Brian Aldiss Omnibus. London, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1969.
Brian Aldiss Omnibus 2. London, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1971.
The Horatio Stubbs Saga. Granada/Panther 0586-06031-6, 1985, 670pp, £3.50.

Pile: Petals from St. Klaed’s Computer (London, Cape, 1979; US, 1979)
Farewell to a Child (Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, Priapus Press, 1982)
Sex and the Black Machine (London, Avernus, 1988)
Home Life with Cats (London, Grafton, 1992)
At the Caligula Hotel and Other Poems (London, Sinclair-Stevenson, 1995)
A Plutonian Monologue on His Wife’s Death (Folkestone, Kent, The Frogmore Press, 2000)
A Prehistory of Mind (Bay City, Michigan, Mayapple Press, 2008)
You’re Getting Terribly Blonde Lately (Oxford, privately printed, 2009)
Mortal Morning (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Flambard Press, Mar 2011)
Illogical Love Lyrics: Precarious Passions (privately printed, 2011)

Kindred Blood in Kensington Gore (London, Avernus, 1992)

Cities and Stones, A Traveller’s Yugoslavia. London, Faber, 1966.
The Shape of Further Things. London, Faber, 1970; New York, Doubleday, 1971.
Billion Year Spree, The History of Science Fiction. London, Weidenfeld, 1973; New York, Doubleday, 1973; revised (with David Wingrove) as Trillion Year Spree, London, Gollancz, 1986; US, 1986.
Science Fiction Art. US, 1975; London, New English Library, 1977.
This World and Nearer Ones, Essays Exploring the Familiar. London, Weidenfeld, 1979; US, Kent State, 1981.
Science Fiction Quiz. London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1983.
The Pale Shadow of Science (essays). Seattle, Washington, Serconia Press, 1985.
… And the Lurid Glare of the Comet (essays). Seattle, Washington, Serconia Press, 1986.
Bury My Heart at W.H. Smith’s (autobiography). London, Avernus, 1990; abridged, London, Hodder & Stoughton, 1990.
The Detached Retina (essays). Liverpool, Liverpool University Press, 1995.
The Twinkling of an Eye; or, My Life as an Englishman. London, Little Brown, 1998.
When the Feast is Finished: Reflections on Terminal Illness. London, Little Brown, 1999.
Art After Apogee: The Relationships Between an Idea, a Story and Painting. Oxford, Avernus Media, 2000.
Researches and Churches in Serbia. London, Avernus, 2002.
The Other Hemisphere. Oxford, The Jam Factory Gallery, 2010.
An Exile on Planet Earth: Articles and Reflections. Ocford, Bodleian Library, 2012.

Penguin Science Fiction. London, Penguin, 1961.
More Penguin Science Fiction. London, Penguin, 1962.
Best Fantasy Stories. London, Faber, 1962.
Yet More Penguin Science Fiction. London, Penguin, 1964.
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Decades, The 1950s, with Harry Harrison. London, Macmillan, 1976.
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Decades, The 1960s, with Harry Harrison. London, Macmillan, 1977.
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  1. Beautiful cover gallery Steve. You have done the man justice. And that Pennington cover for Space, Time and Nathaniel was everywhere when I was a teen and I loved it!

  2. Wonderful! Especially Bruce Pennington's classic !970s covers, some of which graced my bedroom wall for years after they were given away as posters in 'Target' magazine. In my humble opinion NEL's 1971 edition of 'Space Time and Nathaniel' features the most sublime Science Fiction cover ever - even if none of the stories contained within quite lived up to its promise (Personally I've always felt that Brian should have been challenged to write a brand new novel based directly on the imaginative interplay between that title and image!).

  3. Some stunning covers!

  4. Steve - have you ever covered the artwork of Gerry (brother of Ron) Embleton?

  5. Ah, those purple Corgis with the fabric texture.

  6. While the Pennington's are uniformly excellent, they're Pennington's after all, my favourite is the Four Square 'Earthworks.' Thanks for the gallery, Steve, like you my collection is sorely lacking his more recent work.

  7. Good to see that people appreciate these galleries. I love doing the SF galleries with covers from the 1970s/1980s because that was when I was reading SF (almost exclusively) and those are the covers I remember with most affection.

    As for the best of this particular bunch, all I can say is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Although 'Space, Time and Nathaniel' has always been one of my favourites, I think I'd have to say that Pennington's 'The Airs of Earth' is the best of his Aldiss covers.

  8. We may disagree on the best of those Aldiss covers, but only by a hairsbreadth Steve. While 'Space, Time and Nathaniel' is my all-time favorite 'The Airs of Earth' has always ranked as a very close second!

  9. the two Four square covers of "The dark light years" and "Earthworks" are without a doubt two Karel Thole works.

  10. Thanks for the i.d. of Karel Thole. I've now added his credits to the gallery.



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