Monday, August 15, 2011

Tully Zetford: Cover Gallery

Tully Zetford was the pen-name of Ken Bulmer for this series of four novels.

Hook: Whirlpool of Stars
New English Library 450-01838-5, May 1974, 127pp, 30p. Cover by Peter Goodfellow

Hook: The Boosted Man
New English Library 450-01839-3, Jun 1974, 110pp, 30p. Cover by Peter Goodfellow

Hook: Star City
New English Library 450-01963-2, Oct 1974, 127pp, 30p. Cover by Peter Goodfellow

Hook: Virility Gene
New English Library 450-02197-1, May 1975, 111pp, 40p. Cover by Peter Goodfellow


  1. I loved these books, and the art - especially the first one. Much better than the US covers. I believe the series lasted a bit longer in German-only editions, 8 book in total possibly. Thanks for putting these up.

    I reread them recent;y and still enjoyed them - 2 is particularly fine, with a slave revolt not unlike those in his Kregen novels, but with the twist that the workers (including the hero) are hypnotised to think they're in heaven.

  2. I'd completely forgotten about the German books. They were all by Ken Bulmer (as were the four shown above). Bastei Verlag Lubbe were the German publishers; they did the original series as an omnibus in 1987 and then continued the series for six more books.

    I've not read them for years, so I'll have to go with your assessment about the quality. They were probably the first books by Ken Bulmer I read, although without knowing they were by Bulmer. He was always a solid and reliable writer, whether he was doing science fiction or historical fiction.

  3. Agreed: the Fox naval series is worth a look.



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