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Alfred Bester: Cover Gallery

Alfred Bester is best known for his two novels The Demolished Man (winner of the first ever Hugo Award for Best Novel in 1953) and The Stars My Destination (originally published in the UK as Tiger! Tiger!). You can find more on Bester's career at Wikipedia.

The Demolished Man (Chicago, Shasta Publishers, 1953)
Panther 933, 1959, 189pp, 2/6. Cover by Robert Schulz (reprints Ace D103)
Penguin 2536, 1966, 191pp, 3/6. Cover: photo by Lester Waldman
----, [xth imp.], 1974, 191pp. Cover by David Pelham
----, [xth imp.], 1979, 191pp.
Millennium 1857-98822-1 (SF Masterworks 14), 1999, 250pp. Cover by John Burns

The Rat Race (as Who He?, New York, Dial Press, 1953; as The Rat Race, New York, Berkley, 1956)
Panther Books 947, 1959, 223pp, 2/6. Cover by Derek Stowe
Hamlyn Paperbacks 0099-33030-X, 1984, 287pp.

Tiger! Tiger! (London, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1956; revised as The Stars My Destination, New York, Signet, 1957; further revised [edited by Alex & Phyllis Eisenstein], New York, Vintage Books, 1996)
Panther 973, Aug 1959, 192pp, 2/6. Cover by Richard Powers (US reprint)
----, 1962.
Penguin 2620, 1967, 249pp, 4/6. Cover by Alan Aldridge
----, [xth imp.] 1974, 249pp. Cover by David Pelham
---- 0140-02620-7, [xth imp.], 1979, 249pp.
----, [xth imp.], 1983. Cover by Adrian Chesterman
Mandarin 0749-30645-9, 1991, 281pp.
as The Stars My Destination, Millennium 1857-98814-0 (SF Masterworks 5), 1999, x+258pp. Cover by Chris Moore
as The Stars My Destination,  Gollancz 978-0575-09419-2 (SF Masterworks) [10th imp.], n.d. (2009?), viii+244pp, £8.99. Cover by Chris Moore

Starburst (New York, Signet, 1958)
Sphere 0722-11607-1, 1968, 158pp.
Sphere 0722-11610-1, [2nd imp.] Mar 1973, 158pp, 30p. Cover by unknown
Pan Books 0330-25111-2, 1977, 156pp, 60p.

The Dark Side of the Earth (New York, Signet, 1964)
Pan Books 0330-02393-4, 1969, 171pp.
----, [2nd imp.] 1977, 171pp, 60p. Cover by Gino D'Achille

The Life and Death of a Satellite [non-fiction] (Boston, Little Brown, 1966)
(no UK edition)

Extro (as The Computer Connection, New York, Berkley, 1975; as Extro, London, Eyre Methuen, 1975)
Methuen 0413-34570-X, 1976, 218pp, 60p. Cover by unknown
Mandarin 0749-30127-9, 1989, 218pp.

Starlight: The Great Short Fiction of Alfred Bester (New York, Nelson Doubleday, 1976)
(in UK and paperback in two volumes as The Light Fantastic and Star Light, Star Bright, see below)

The Light Fantastic: The Great Short Stories of Alfred Bester Volume 1 (New York, Berkley, 1976; London, Gollancz, 1977)
Fontana 0006-15281-3, 1979, 223pp.

Star Light, Star Bright: The Great Short Fiction of Alfred Bester Volume 2 (New York, Berkley, 1976; London, Gollancz, 1978)
Fontana 0006-15406-9, 1979, 220pp, 95p. Cover by Tim White

(New York, Simon & Schuster, 1980; London, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1980)
Pan 0330-26258-0, 1981, 382pp.
Mandarin 0749-30126-0, 1989, 382pp.

The Deceivers
(New York, Simon & Schuster, 1981; London, Severn House, 1984)
(no UK paperback edition, Tor (US) edition shown)

Tender Loving Rage (Houston, Texas, Tafford, 1991)
(no UK edition)

Virtual Unrealities: The Short Fiction of Alfred Bester, introduction by Robert Silverberg (New York, Vintage Books, 1997)
(no UK edition)

Psychoshop, with Roger Zelazny (New York, Vintage Books, 1998)
(no UK edition)

Redemolished (New York, iBooks, 2000)
(no UK edition)

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