Friday, December 03, 2010

Comic Cuts - 3 December 2010

I think I've finally got over this cold. At least, that's what I told my mum, so it looks like I'm over that desperate-need-for-sympathy stage which all men go through during illness. Or is that just me? Anyway, it's a good sign. Mind you, I've still got a cough, although that could just be a smoky office and a lack of fresh air due to the freezing cold weather a few feet away. Thankfully there's a window between me and the snow, so I get the benefit of it looking all Christmassy without the biting cold wind chilling my bones. Mind you, we are discovering (to our discomfort) that the new house has a few gaps that are going to need filling or covering over with draught excluders.

I've spent the week working full tilt on a new project that I hope will be a nice surprise when it's finally revealed. If everything goes to plan, I should have news fairly shortly and something to show for my efforts in January.

Alastair Crompton's Tomorrow Revisited was given its official launch at The Chris Beetles Gallery, St. James's, London, on Tuesday 30 November 2010 and a good time was had by all. Me? I was hibernating at home and missed all the fun. Damn this cold. Alastair had copies of the book hot off the presses and copies should be shortly winging their way to people who preordered via the PS Publishing website.

The latest batch of book cover scans I've produced for the Look and Learn picture library are now up on the website and bring the total to over 700 images. I'm working on the next batch already, although I'm not going to make the 1000 mark I'd hoped to before the year's out. Mind you, when I set the target I didn't know I was going to be moving house, so I don't think I'm doing too badly.

Incidentally, the problem at Amazon relating to the latest edition of Charley's War from Titan I mentioned last week seems to have resolved itself.

New out this week: the Dicionario Universal da Banda Desenhada prequeno lexico dislexico by Leonard De Sa, a glossery of terms relating to comics. Leonard kindly sent me a copy as I apparently helped out enough to make it into the acknowledgments. I've yet to figure out how and where - or when, come to think of it - but it looks like an interesting book despite my (no doubt tiny) involvement. The only problem: it's in Portuguese and my language skills aren't up to much beyond recognising a few words here and there. Leonard is an expert on the history of American and European comics and if you fancy expanding your knowledge of both in a handy dictionary format, this is your chance. You can find out more about the book here (and here's a Google translation).

Over the weekend I've a couple of articles by Jeremy Briggs based around some preliminary artwork produced by L. Ashwell Wood so make sure you're here for that as it's a unique chance to see how he developed a painting. Next week... I'm still figuring that out. I'll hopefully be able to sort out a strip over the weekend.

Today's random scan... Brian Bolland box art for the Judge Dredd board game which was produced by Games Workshop back in 1982. The game was created by Ian Livingstone and was for 2-6 players. If I can find some spare time over Christmas I might get a few friends round and see what it's like to play.


  1. I remember I quite liked playing the Dredd board game when I was a kid.
    Lovely Bolland art on the box cover (and the tie-in cover for White Dwarf).
    The board was drawn by Ian Gibson I think. Actually I've still got my copy up stairs somewhere, so I should probably check really.

    Thanks for running the Paul Temple's, I'm a bit of a fan although this is the first time I've actually read some of the newspaper strips. Wish someone would make a collection of them. Could be a market for it, the BBC still seem to be making money out of the radio series after all.

  2. Hi Reuben,

    You'll be pleased to hear I have some more Paul Temple to run at some point.



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