Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Brak the Barbarian

Having just posted a piece on Chris Achilleos over on the Illustration Art Gallery blog, I thought I'd dig around for some examples of his early work. Here's the trio of Tandem reprints of John Jakes' Brak the Barbarian from 1970. Achilleos is said to have been especially pleased to be offered these as the first of the books had a Frank Frazetta cover when it was originally published in the USA by Avon.

Brak the Barbarian by John Jakes.
Tandem 0426-04677-3, 1970, 160pp, 5/-. Cover by Chris Achilleos
Tandem 0426-16707-4, 1976, 45p.

Brak the Barbarian: The Mark of the Demon
by John Jakes.
Tandem 0426-04714-2, 1970, 159pp, 5/-. Cover by Chris Achilleos
Tandem 0426-16723-6, 1976, 45p.

Brak the Barbarian: The Sorceress
by John Jakes.
Tandem 0426-04722-2, 1970, 156pp, 5/-. Cover by Chris Achilleos
Tandem 0426-16715-5, 1976, 45p.

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  1. I seem to remember a newspaper strip (in the Sun?) in the late 70's/early 80's called Axa the Barbarian which looked very similar to these book covers. It featured an attractive girl in a furskin bikini (drawn by Romero?) who escaped from a futuristic domed city to the wastelands outside where she faced the inherent dangers but was at least free. (A similar idea to Blake's Seven but Axa stayed onplanet rather than disappearing offworld.) I believe that Axa was cancelled midstory, never to return.



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