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Sunday, August 01, 2010

We're Back! (sort of)

Hi All,

A quick update. We're now safely installed in the new house but have had a few problems with connectivity: the phone line was dead when we moved in, but we got that back up and running on Wednesday. Internet connection is running as of Sunday evening but the wireless connection to my new office is poor and seems to drop out every ten minutes or so, which is a problem still to resolve. I've managed to download some e-mails from Friday, Saturday and Sunday (30-31 July and 1 August) but earlier mail from between Saturday the 24th and Thursday 29th are possibly lost in limbo. Replying to e-mail is still not possible and downloading it still subject to the flaky wireless connection, so if you don't get a reply from anything sent in the past seven or eight days don't think badly of me. Catching up on simply reading the mail from the last 48 hours (90 messages + spam) is going to take a while... and until we get the outgoing e-mail running properly, responding to it is not possible.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible, which probably means as soon as I can cough up the money for a better wireless router, get the right cards for the computers and upgrade the service provided by Talk Talk. Also probably a new e-mail address may be making an appearance shortly.

I'll talk about the move and the new house in a day or two but thought I'd let you know the situation.

Now... will I be able to publish this or not? Fingers crossed!



jon haward said...

nice to have you back online steve

King Viswa said...

Welcome Back.

Hope Normalcy is restored Soon.

Anonymous said...

Look forward to your posts in the future..
Peter Gray

Rafiq Raja said...

Everybody understands the pain associated with shifting ones wealth from location to location, especially when they are delicate vintage book copies.

Good to know, you are settled in good, Steve.

Looking forward read your adventures :)