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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Storm: The Collection

I'm very pleased to announce that the final three volumes of StormThe Collection have now arrived back from the printers and are shipping to subscribers. The books mark the end of a seven-year project to publish the whole of the Storm saga drawn by Don Lawrence in English. Only a few volumes had been previously available in translation, a couple of tales appearing in Heavy Metal, and a handful in book form in the UK. Now, all 22 episodes, plus the 'prequel', Commander Grek, have been translated and published in deluxe hardcover. The artwork is the best reproduction I've seen, far superior to the original Dutch albums.

The story of my involvement in the series has been told before, so I needn't go into it again. All I'll say here is Phew! That's the second 12-book series I've worked on with the folks at Don Lawrence Collection—the other being the Trigan Empire volumes—and we've completed both of them. I'm amazed to think that, since 2004, I've worked on 31 books for DLC. The most traumatic was probably the Karl the Viking box set... in comparison the Storm books have been a breeze. I'm very proud to have been involved in their translation and, one day, I hope that we'll get around to the other Storm books. Don drew 22 volumes but the series has continued, with 3 more books so far, with a fourth currently being serialised in the Dutch monthly Eppo... and there was a 3-book spin-off series entitled 'The Chronicles of Meanwhile', which took place between the albums in the ongoing series. So that's another seven—and an eighth is already in the works. Let's hope DLC don't forget their English-speaking audience... we want more!

Storm The Collection Vol. 10, Aug 2010. Contains: The Return of the Red Prince, The Von Neumann Machine.

Storm The Collection Vol. 11, Aug 2010. Contains: The Genesis Formula, The Armageddon Traveller.

Storm The Collection Vol. 12, Aug 2010. Contains: Commander Grek, The Big Picture.

(* Storm © Don Lawrence Collection.)

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