Friday, July 24, 2009

Comic Cuts

A short week as I was late with the last update but I've got to say it has been a good one. A lot of different projects are coming together. Firstly, over at Book Palace Books, we're well underway with the proofing of the Frank Bellamy's World War 1 book, which we've had completely re-set as the text looked very poor when lifted from the original pages. As the time of writing, we've about 20 pages still to reset.

At Bear Alley Books I'm beginning the run-up to announcing our next pair of titles. It's a two-volume set that reprints a complete strip and I've got to say that it's another lost classic. Quirky, sometimes downright bizarre, storylines... funny, sometimes unintentionally... it's got robots, neanderthal giants, an evil mastermind and the hero punches out a leopard! It's British comics at their best—and weirdest!

And the titles are...

Well, I'll tell you that next Friday. I'm running a little teaser below—just for fun. There's no prize for guessing what the strip is and I hope the folks who spot what it is will keep it to themselves until next week. I'll run a second clue on Tuesday or Wednesday which should give it away to a lot of people. If you're still in the dark, I'll reveal all on the 31st.

Don't forget, "Eagles Over the Western Front" continues its run over the weekend.

(* Frank Bellamy illustration from Frank Bellamy's World War 1 © Look and Learn; teaser image by Bill Bradshaw. Thanks Bill!)


  1. Don't worry, I'm not going to blurt it out :-) but is it a Luis Bermejo strip?

  2. I think you may have been a bit too obvious with your clues there Steve. Fantastic choice for a book though! ;-)



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