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Friday, July 03, 2009

Comic Cuts

I can't believe how quickly the week slips by. It feels like it was only a couple of days ago that I was writing last week's CC column. There was a lot more touching up this week than I'd planned for (a line I dedicate to that queen of the double entendre, the late Mollie Sugden). I started work on some reviews for a new book on Saturday but the project came to a grinding halt on Monday afternoon when I received a message from the publisher that they were having to put the book on pause. My cue for a lot of swearing. But not for long, because I've got plenty of Bear Alley Books stuff to be getting on with, so I got cracking on another batch of artwork. Also dropped a line to an A-list artist I think would be perfect for the cover so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he's got a hole in his schedule.

I've not mentioned the Book Palace books for a while. A death in the family of one of the team has slowed our progress on previously announced titles but I'm pleased to say that we're getting back up to speed. Just seen the last of the proofs for Frank Bellamy's Complete Swift Years, which is going to a limited edition. If things go as currently planned, the book may even be leather bound—but don't hold me to it, please, as that possibility is still being negotiated. The column header today is the slipcase design.

I think that's all the news I have except to say "Get well, Lew" and "Congratulations, Matt", both champions of British comics in and around the Blogosphere.

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