Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Everybody's cartoons

Continuing our trip through the pages of Everybody's magazine. The magazine had a good sprinkling of cartoons in its earlier days spread around the pages as fillers. By 1942, there was a page dedicated to cartoons as well as Arthur Ferrier's spotlight on stars panel. This page continued well into the 1950s and possibly all the way through to when Everybody's was relaunched as Today in February 1960.

In 1939, cartoons made up a major portion of the cover, if not the full cover. The only cartoonist to sign his name (amongst the handful of issues I've seen) was Edgar Spencerley, whose cover appears as our column header. Today's column is dedicated to everyone like myself who leaves doing their income tax returns to the last minute. Hopefully you'll get a laugh out of some of the images below.

(* All images © IPC Media.)

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