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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Comic Cuts

OK, here's a little confession. The "introduction" I was writing has completely run away with me and I've had to admit to myself that what started out as a brief look at the history of the "Man in the Iron Mask" (you've probably seen the movie) has turned into a short book-length study of all the various theories that have been proposed over the years. As of just now I'm approaching 19,000 words, with the end not quite firmly in sight. Once I've gone back over it and done a second draft it'll probably end up around 25,000 words—completely impractical for what it was supposed to be. These things happen. Well, they happen to me. Surely it isn't just me?

So... um... that's what I've been up to. What about you? Seriously, I've not had time for anything else all week. The only news I've got is that I'm waiting on copies of the Sci-Fi Art: A Graphic History book. I heard today that they might have been delivered to Ilex but have gone to a different office. As soon as I know for certain it's available, I'll let you know.

Next week... hopefully I'll get down to doing what I was supposed to be doing this week. I might even have some news on a couple of books that we've been hinting at for a while.


Mike W said...

Any definite news of a date for the final 2 Trigan books,Steve?

Captain Storm said...

Had to quietly snigger to myself Steve ;-) I frequently agonize over a piece of text for ages which although having started out as War & Peace invariably ends up as a paragraph.Damn,I'm so dumb :-)