Tuesday, September 09, 2008

George Davies

Here's one of my own for Query Corner... who the heck was George Davies? He was a regular strip cartoonist in the Daily Express and Sunday Pictorial in the 1950s but I know absolutely nothing about him.

The earliest strip I know to be his is 'The Chirrups', a family humour strip which appeared in The Sunday Pictorial from around 1947.

'Kit Conquest' is a bit of an oddity as it had two artists working on it: the main artist was Jack Daniel, but Davies was brought in to draw the women in the strip. Davies obviously had something of a reputation for drawing girls as he also drew 'Penny' for the Sunday Pictorial in the 1950s.

He could also turn in a good adventure strip, and drew 'Flint of the Flying Squad' for the Daily Express in 1951-54. This was replaced by 'Dirk Storey' in 1954.

These handful of samples are all I have of his work.

(* Kit Conquest and Dirk Storey possibly © Northern & Shell Media Publications; The Chirrups possibly © MGM Ltd.)

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  1. Kit Conquest was a regular feature in the Australian Sun Herald newspaper. Doesn't mean George Davies was Australian but it's possible he was.



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