Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Daily Herald strips 23 November 1963

The assassination of John F. Kennedy was on the front cover but, lurking within the pages of the Daily Herald for 23 November 1963, Leslie Caswell was drawing the lighthearted husband-and-wife daily gag strip 'Better or Worse', written by Les Lilley Peter O'Donnell. In September 1964, the Herald was relaunched as a new broadsheet, The Sun, and 'Better or Worse' continued to appear until at least 1967. (I've added a little bit extra about the strip here.)

The second strip is by the pseudonymous 'Lucian'... anyone have any ideas who he was? The strip ended on 14 September 1964.

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  1. Better of Worse was also written by Peter O'Donnell. Some more examples here: http://www.modestyblaiseltd.com/betterorworse.html



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