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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ken Sprague Fund cartoon competition winners

The Guardian (23 July) has a report on the Ken Sprague Fund competition based around the theme of global warming. 19 of the winners and runners-up can be found in a related gallery, including the winning entry by Russian cartoonist Mikhail Zlatovsky (above).

I don't know if this was part of the same competition—I've a feeling it may have been—but I saved the following cartoon recently... funny and scary at the same time.

Another picture saved recently is even more scary because it's not a cartoon but a photo. If I remember correctly, it's a church in Spain which once sat on the edge of lake that has now completely dried up. There's just something haunting about it...

(* Apologies... I've no idea who has the copyright on these.)


jinty said...

I found an article with that photo here. It is related to climate change, certainly - the news article indicates that Catalunya suffered a severe drought in March this year - but it's not a natural lake, it's more like the reservoirs running dry. Still scary, especially for the inhabitants of the region...

Steve said...

Thanks for that. Saves me digging around trying to find it.

jmrrva said...

The church is La Sagrada Familia (The Sacred Family) by Gaudi. It is in Barcelona.