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Friday, July 11, 2008

Comic Cuts: Upcoming Books (Panini UK)

Panini UK have a handful of interesting books coming up. They're responsible for quite a few annuals as well as comics reprints but I want to concentrate on the latter here.


Marvel Masters: The British Invasion Vol. 2. ISBN 978-1905239962, 11 Sep 2008.
Where Marvel Masters: The British Invasion Vol 1. focused on the best of the UK's writers to have worked for the House of Ideas, Volume 2 celebrates the nations greatest artists. Includes stories illustrated by such renowned artists as Dave Gibbons, Alan Davis, Bryan Hitch, Steve Dillon, Barry Windsor-Smith, Paul Neary, Frank Quitely and Mark Buckingham.


Doctor Who: The Betrothal of Sontar. ISBN 978-1905239900, 6 Oct 2008.
The first colume of comics collecting the 10th Doctor's complete strip adventures from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine and the Doctor Who Storybook. The famous Timelord and his companion Rose Tyler battle Sontarians, meet mythical monsters and face a terrifying encounter with the new "Lords of Time"! Original colour strips digitally remastered and collected for the first time ever.

Panini are also publishing the Doctor Who Storybook 2009 (ISBN 978-1846530678, 1 Aug 2008). Further adventures of the Doctor will be found in Penguin's Doctor Who: The Official Annual 2009 (ISBN 978-1405904278, 7 Aug 2008).

Dragon's Claws. ISBN 978-1905239993, 6 Oct 2008.
By Simon Furlong & Geoff Senior.


Captain Britain Vol. 3: The Lion and the Spider. ISBN 978-1846534010, 2 Nov 2008.
The Lion of London returns in this eagerly awaited third volume. The United Kingdom's very own Marvel super hero, Captain Britain, exploded onto newspaper stands way back in 1976. now, for the first time ever, comes this classic collection of adventures from the guardian of the sceptred isle.

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