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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Comic Firsts: Kev O'Neill

Doing a bit of random tidying up and found the following from the pages of Worlds of Horror, a short-lived horror mag. that ran in 1974-75. The following were, I think, Kev's first professional sales, two illustrations (from issue 4 and 6) and a 1-page comic strip from issue 6 which pre-dates his work in Legend Horror Classics. I think Kev's first ever strip appeared in a fanzine called Eureka way back in 1971 and he also contributed to Fantasy Advertiser and Interplanetary News; this was a few years before Kev came to everyone's attention in 2000AD and, later as the only artist whose style of work was unacceptable to the Comics Code Authority. Not anything specific in his work, but the actual way he worked. How mad is that?

(* I imagine these are probably © Dallruth Publishing Group and /or Kevin O'Neill)


Anonymous said...

Yes, in the tree monster pic you can certainly see the roots (haha) of his later style. Kidding aside, I think WoH had 9 issues in all; I haven't seen one for years.

Ken Davidson said...

The tree monster pic: the chap dropping the bottle - is he Allan Quatermain? ;)