Sunday, March 16, 2008

Comic Cuts - ABC Show (16 March 2008)

I'm not long back from the show at the Bedford Hotel in London and thought I'd post a couple of pictures while I'm waiting for dinner to cook. The hall was very busy from the moment it opened at midday and only started to slow down around three o'clock.

We only had twenty copies of the Frank Bellamy's Complete Robin Hood and they sold out very quickly leaving one copy which we kept back to make sure that latecomers could at least see the book. The reaction has been fantastic, especially to the quality of the reproduction of the strip. If anyone would care to review the book I'll be happy to run it here (I'm that confident!).

As I was at the show to sign the book and be on hand to answer any questions I didn't have much of a chance to wander around all four halls but I did manage to pick up a few odds and ends that I'll squirrel away into my collection. The new issue of Crikey! was launched at the show and I think it's the best yet, with Jenni Scott's look at girls' comics probably the best piece in the issue. Again, I don't think I'm the best person to review it as I'm one of the contributors... so if anyone wants to write a review...

My neighbour at the signing table was Syd Jordan. It's always a pleasure to see him at these events and although we didn't get to chat as much as I'd have liked, Syd, as always, is working on a number of projects that should make good viewing if and when they come off. Some are still very much in development so I'd better leave it to Syd to discuss them at some future date.

For more information on (and if you want to get hold of a copy of) the Frank Bellamy's Complete Robin Hood, I've started a page for the book to which I'll add reviews as they appear and any other information that comes along.


  1. Gosh, a namecheck! ('The new issue of Crikey!...') Thanks, Steve! I haven't yet seen the issue as I'm abroad, but I look forward to it as it no doubt awaits me at home. I'd like to write some more for Crikey, I must say - it's got a good feel to it. I'm thinking of contributing something in the 'When Saturday comes' section (or whatever it's exactly called) - the one about the arrival of your weekly comic and how it felt.

  2. Jenny,

    Always glad to give you a namecheck. And don't forget that Bear Alley is always open to guest writers—we've had quite a few over the past couple of years. Anything to give me an evening off!



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