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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Comic Clippings - 22 July

The Guardian (21 July) carries a piece entitled 'Why Do I Cry?' by Ian Sansom which is actually about The Children's Newspaper, founded by Arthur Mee and now being randomly serialised (kind of) on the Look and Learn website where we've been posting one issue a day for the past few months. The site has just been updated, adding a nice new Picture Show feature and a page about The Bumper Book of Look and Learn. And the Picture Gallery is now up to 18,212 images. Phew!

Since Leo Baxendale (via the Forbidden Planet International blog) has already let the cat out of the bag, the BBC4 Comics Britannia series is to be broadcast during September. Leo is featured on an episode that will focus on D. C. Thomson's Dandy and Beano which is due to be broadcast in the week beginning September 10 (subject to confirmation).

The Albion Origins book from Titan will have a slightly redesigned cover when it appears -- the logo has been changed to match that of the original Albion series.

Not much news to add from here. I'm kinda stalled on the next Fleetway Libraries book at the moment so I've been getting a head start on the next Trigan Empire book. Some classic stories will be appearing in this one including a couple of my favourites -- one where Trigo and a small group of Trigans seek the lost city of Dorana and another where a young gambler becomes Dictator over the Empire. The other three stories are just as good. The book won't be out until next year but I like to keep myself busy!

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