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Monday, July 02, 2007

Brian M. Bellasis

A P.S. to the notes on Toye Vise below.

According to Bill Lofts, Toye Vise collaborated on some stories or features published in Comic Life. Unfortunately, Bill didn't indicate when this work appeared or what it was, although I'm guessing it would have been in the 1910s or 1920s. However, he did give the collaborators name as Brian M. Bellasis. Thank goodness it wasn't John Smith... at least I've been able to find something.

Brian M. Bellasis was born c.1885 in Jhansi, India, and worked as an Exhibition Manager. He was listed in the London phone book at 46 Mecklenburgh Square, W.C.1 in 1930-31 and 15 Bellingham Mansions, Pitt Street, W.8 in 1932. Bellasis was the manager of a large trade exhibition in Buenos Aires in 1931.

That's all I can find on Brian Bellasis but it makes you wonder what an exhibition manager and a member of the Press Club were collaborating on in Comic Life. The only other item I can find for Bellasis is a poem which appeared in The London Magazine entitled 'A Cockney in Canada' (August 1912).

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  1. There were two periodicals under that name. Comic Life a Serio-Jocular Journal (1871-?) was a halfpenny temperance paper with comic poems.

    Pictorial Comic Life ,'the Amusing Picture Paper for the People' (July 2, 1898-Dec. 30, 1899)) was James Henderson's first comic paper for adults.

    The title became Comic Life (Dec. 30, 1899-Jan.21, 1928)and the periodical was aimed at a juvenile audience.

    On March 13, 1920 this title was taken over by Amalgamated Press and eventually became My Favourite.