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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Look and Learn mobile phone wallpaper

John Freeman has just released the following news about a team-up between Look and Learn Magazine Ltd. and ROK Media to produce content for mobile phones:

You might be interested to know that some of various images from Bible Story and Look and Learn and other associated titles are now available as wallpapers for mobile phones.

The wallpapers are being produced under license from Look and Learn Magazine Ltd. by ROK Media here in Lancaster, who I work for.

Direct links to Look and Learn Magazine Ltd. wallpapers are as follows (with more being added over the next few months):

Bible Story Images. This sample "Noah" image is by James E. McConnell.
Wild West.
Some Travel Images.

Artists include Don Lawrence.

(* We have plans for more material to be made available this way, including comic strips as well as wallpaper illustrations. The top image is the Noah piece mentioned by John as it originally appeared on the cover of Bible Story no. 2. The ROK wallpaper is taken from a high quality scan of the original artwork which you can see here. The artwork is © Look and Learn Magazine Ltd.)

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