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Friday, June 29, 2007

Comic Clippings - 29 June

I'm racking my brains for something to say but I haven't done anything much the last couple of days that would be of much interest to anyone. The latest disc full of images went off today which will take the Look and Learn website Picture Gallery to over 17,500 images. I've been working on more today: lots of Pat Nicolle, Peter Jackson and Angus McBride will follow next week. I was planning to pop up a very short piece about Leonard Gard but I've managed to misplace a stack of photocopies. Anyway, we've already had some "good girl art" this week so I'm thinking that I should put up something a little different. You'll see above what I managed to come up with.

* Eddie Campbell is interviewed by Jody Macgregor for Australia's Rave Magazine (link via Journalista).

* 8-year-old Ben Fuller won a contest on Saturday morning TV show Toonattik and his prize... to appear on the show and meet the editor of the Dandy. Desperate Dan fan Bob asked if he could appear in the strip and, much to his surprise, dad Philip Fuller also appeared -- as a baddie called The Undertaker. ('Dad's battle with Dan in pages of the Dandy', Cambridge Evening News, 29 June)

* "The Beano is launching a bold bid to keep pace with the new generation of computer-fixated youngsters." ('Beano bid to appeal to download generation', The Scotsman, 17 June)

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