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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Comic Clippings - 18 January

A few things found...
  • For my 'where are they now' file: it's good to see some old pals from my days as editor of Comic World are still working hard: Paul H. Birch interviews Bob Burden at Comic Book News (18 January), Paul Duncan has had a number of books out, mostly film books he's edited for Taschen but also The World, The Flesh and The Devil: Fantastical Writings Volume 1 by Gerald Kersh from Ash Tree Press (January 2007), Alan Woollcombe is still writing obituaries for The Independent (the latest on Iwao Takamoto (11 January)) and Paul Gravett (who contributed to the very first issue of CW) is plotting his next book. Good to see everyone so gainfully employed!

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