Monday, January 15, 2007

Comic Clippings - 15 January

Very few posts these last few days mostly down to workload (although there was a party in there, somewhere, over the weekend). At least my cold has cleared up.

The Top 50 bestsellers chart for week-ending 6 January continues to feature Beano Annual (#26, 6,629) and Bratz Annual (#28, 6,005). All annuals now seem to be in the shops at prices as low as 99p, so if you haven't picked up the ones you want, now's the time to do it. Even the coveted Doctor Who Annual can be found at the same knockdown price.

A very quick roundup of things spotted on the web (quite a few links culled from the Forbidden Planet Blog):
  • A podcast interview with Paul Gravett -- 'Paul Gravett's Guide to Comics' Part 1 -- on I'm Ready for my Podcast, originally broadcast in London on 104.4 FM on 11 January 2007. Plus a review (by Roger Sabin) of Great British Comics from The Guardian (14 January).
  • A two-page 'Origin of Zatanna' strip with artwork by Brian Bolland (page 1, page 2).
  • News of a new Tank Girl strip in the works from Alan Martin and Ashley Wood can be found at Ashley Wood's blog.

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