Thursday, October 26, 2023

Commando 5691-5694

BEWARE, ghouls and monsters! The second of Commando Halloween special sets is upon us! Eerie Issues 5691 – 5694 are on sale today, Thursday 26th October! Catch them before they catch YOU!

5691: Commandos vs Zombies 0

Deep in Nazi-occupied Norway lies a dark forest and a shadowy factory hidden within. Inside its fetid walls, two Nazi doctors work feverishly, tampering with nature itself to create a German soldier like no other — stronger, faster… with an unyielding loyalty to the Third Reich. But what they unwittingly created was something far worse.

The British Commandos sent in to stop them didn’t stand a chance. They were doomed!

The dead are back, back, back again! The prequel to the Commandos vs Zombies trilogy written by the grisly Georgia Standen Battle is out soon! Find out how the story of Commandos vs Zombies the graphic novel (out now on began! Featuring the master of vile Vicente Alcazar on artwork with nefarious Neil Roberts on cover duty!

Story | Georgia Standen Battle
Art | Vicente Alcazar
Cover | Neil Roberts

5692: Phantom Pilot

When Ken Welsh’s Typhoon was shot down he made the sort of forced landing that nobody should have survived. But survive he did — or did he?

Something very strange had happened, for when Ken woke up, his sleek Typhoon had been replaced with an old-time biplane fighter — and it wasn’t 1944 anymore, it was 1918!

A classic Commando reprint has escaped from the crypts and crawled back onto the shelves once more! Issue 5692 Phantom Pilot featuring a time-travelling ghost! What will they think of next?!

Story | Brunt
Art | Peter Ford
Cover | Ian Kennedy
First Published 1970 as Issue 513

5693: Nightmare Express

At a mist-shrouded railway station, a quartet of mismatched troops are assembled, their recent actions marking them out as the ideal escort detail for a mysterious cargo.

But as they hurtle through the night, curiosity, greed, and terror lead them in turn to enter the cargo compartment, each to discover the eerie train of events that led them to this fateful assignment.

And as the journey detours through a series of nightmarish tales, can any of them hope to disembark before the night train reaches its final destination?

The DEMONIC Daniel McGachey makes his debut to Commando alongside artwork from the malevolent Mike Dorey! Dare you take a ticket to ride this horror train bound for doom?! Will anybody survive the eerie TRAIN of events about to unfold?!

Story | Daniel McGachey
Art | Mike Dorey
Cover | Mike Dorey

5694: Haunted Skies

The FW 190s dived confidently on the single Spitfire — it looked an easy target. In seconds the British fighter was lined up in their gun sights. But as the German pilots pressed their firing buttons, a blinding flash dazzled their eyes and suddenly there was another Spitfire in the sky — a phantom one!

We’re resurrecting another classic Commando for a reprinting! What's that in the sky…is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a GHOST plane! With ghostly but not ghastly artwork from Ken Barr and Mira topping off Bernard Gregg’s supernatural Spitfire story!

Story | Bernard Gregg
Art | Mira
Cover | Ken Barr
First Published 1974 as Issue 808

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