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Commando 5651-5654

Tally-ho, chaps! Commando takes to the dank jungles of Vietnam, black skies over Britain, the terrifying and tropical Philippines, and dark forests of Europe in this action-packed quartet. Get your copies on sale from 8th June!

5651: LURPS!

Davie Chandler has successfully led his Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol in Vietnam for five long years. But now his professionalism — and loyalty — is put to the test when he must rescue the man responsible for the death of his younger brother. Deep in the boonies, the Viet Cong are closing in fast, and Davie has only minutes to make the right decision. Should he rescue the colonel, or leave him to his fate?

A gritty and psychological story from Richard Davis, which perfectly lends itself to the Vietnam war setting, complemented by Muller and Klacik’s packed interiors and Neil Roberts’ blood-red cover, this Commando captures the mettle of a Golden age issue with modern storytelling.

Story | Richard Davis
Art | Muller and Klacik
Cover | Neil Roberts

5652: Demons of Darkness

Twenty thousand feet up in the black void of the night over England. Nerves tense, mouth dry, hand clutching the control column, thumb hovering over the firing button, eyes straining out into the dark as the thundering engines pull you into the nothingness ahead of you. That’s what it’s like to be a night-fighter pilot… to be one of the Demons of Darkness!

With a cover like that, it’s easy to see why the Commando Team picked the piece to feature in The Art of Ian Kennedy — showcasing the master of aerial art at the height of his powers!

Story | Lomas
Art | Wright
Cover | Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 964 (1975).

5653: Walk, Talk… and Fight!

Ever since he was a kid, Gene Yorke had been obsessed with radios. Then, in 1942, when he found out his brother had been killed in action, Gene enlisted to do his part and honour his memory. However, instead of the combat role he yearned for, Gene got booted to a desk job working on the radios at HQ.

But everything changed when the US advanced in Luzon in the Philippines and finally Gene was posted to the front lines. It was nothing like what he had expected — things were far tougher, and the enemy was way meaner! If he was going to survive, Gene had no choice but to walk, talk and fight!

This is Guillermo Galeote’s first Commando and his art takes centre stage, with crisp details on the jungle backgrounds and clearly defined and focused characters. This, plus his dynamic action scenes mark the young Spanish artist as someone to watch out for!

Story | Ferg Handley
Art | Guillermo Galeote
Cover | Neil Roberts

5654: Roar of the Tiger

The German King Tiger tank rolled out from the cover of the trees and a shell screamed from the menacing barrel of its 88mm gun. Not many of these heavy, well-armoured tanks were ever to see action but the ones which did were very formidable indeed.

Yet there were four of these monsters that found themselves in big trouble, up against something they had never reckoned on. For a dying man had laid a curse on them, and for all their massive strength there was not the slightest doubt that from that moment they were doomed.

A classic tale with a supernatural twist, as expected of the great CW Walker, this Tiger is cursed by the dead skin of its namesake animal, as more forces than the warring Allies and Nazis are at play.

Story | CG Walker
Art | Carmona
Cover | Cox
Originally Commando No. 1447 (1980).

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