Thursday, May 11, 2023

Commando 5643-5646

issues 5643-5646 go on sale today, Thursday 11th May, 2023, featuring World War One hi-jinks, RAF backstabbers, Werewolves, and the Battle of Britain!

5643: Warr and Pease

What happens when a frail, young “school swot” becomes a British officer in the trenches of the First World War? Well, he has to learn hard and fast if he wants to keep his head free from bullet holes! But don’t judge this book by the cover, he shares his wacky ideas on strategy while his loyal sergeant and Gurkha comrades show him a thing or two about brawn. In the end, they might just make a soldier out of that officer.

This rip-roaring World War One story from writer Suresh, with gritty interiors by veteran artist Jaume Forns, is topped up with an explosive cover by Neil Roberts!

Story | Suresh
Art| Jaime Forns
Cover | Neil Roberts

5644: Beware Your Friends!

It’s a dicey business attacking Nazi armoured columns. When you’re flying at 400 mph, hurtling over hedges and trees and dodging the flak, your reactions have to be lightning fast, your decisions made in split seconds. Danger is ever present, but there’s double danger when rockets and cannon shells start coming at you — fired from behind!

A classic Commando from 1975! With an amazing story by RA Montague which has twists and turns brought to life by Ibanez’s interior artwork! And with Ian Kennedy on cover duty — what more could you want?!

Story | RA Montague
Art | Ibanez
Cover | Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 961 (1975).

5645: The Lab Rat Club

Jim Cope was an excellent pilot — but a reckless one. He charged into dogfights headfirst without stopping to think about the consequences. This was doubly dangerous considering it was 1940, during the peak of the Battle of Britain! It was inevitable that Jim’s luck would run out. After a disastrous sortie, he became trapped in a blazing Hurricane, flames licking at his flesh, burning him badly and putting him out of action. But all was not lost as this is the story of how Jim Cope became a member of The Lab Rat Club!

Stephen Hume’s poignant tale is inspired by the true stories of the men of ‘The Guinea Pig Club’ and Manuel Benet’s masterful art lends itself beautifully to this excellent issue!

Story | Stephen Hume
Art | Manuel Benet
Cover | Manuel Benet

5646: Fire in the Forest

They called themselves Werewolves. They dressed all in black and operated only at night, in the forests of southern Germany. Riding powerful motorcycles, they swept into British camps and fuel dumps, killing, wrecking and burning, then vanished. Where did these devils of the dark come from and where would they start the next fire in the forest?

This is one of CG Walker's best-ever issues and an often-cited fan-favourite. But not only that — this hotly anticipated reprint features artwork by Blasco and a fiery Ian Kennedy classic!

Story | CG Walker
Art | Blasco
Cover | Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 1440 (1980).

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