Thursday, February 16, 2023

Commando 5619-5622

The latest Commando issues are out today, Thursday 16th February 2023!

5619: Achtung, Destroyer!
This is where it all began, in the Mediterranean Sea, 1941.
John Griffin and Martin Beaumont were two Aussie skippers poles apart in nature. One was a stickler for the rules, the other had but one — do whatever it takes. However, a German raider was about to bring them both together to form an unlikely alliance. That was, if they didn’t sink each other first…

Following Mario Morhain’s sad passing last year, Esteve Polls takes the artistic reins of The Wombat The Tiger series, doing his predecessor proud. Towns’ prequel telling all about the pair’s origins and vendetta does not disappoint either, and with another cracker of a cover from Keith Burns, this sensational series strikes again!

Story | Brent Towns
Art| Esteve Polls
Cover | Keith Burns

5620: Moment of Truth

The two Royal Engineers sprang to their feet and sprinted down the tunnel, heading for the open air and safety. Behind them came a menacing chatter as the German armoured car opened up with its machine gun, the heavy bullets whining and spattering off the concrete walls. At any moment a ricochet might hit the carefully-laid demolition charges, bringing down the roof and burying them in a tumult of crashing rubble and choking, swirling water. Could they make the last vital yards to safety?

This 1970s classic is a tense tale from Golden-Age Commando writer Bernard Gregg, with stunning interiors from Mira and an action-packed cover from the master himself, Ian Kennedy.

Story | Bernard Gregg
Art | Mira
Cover | Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 953 (1975).

5621: North Sea Fury
In 1940, Erik Jacobsen and his father Harold worked on a fishing boat called “Agnetha”. Their life was peaceful until one day, it was spotted by a German Heinkel 111 hellbent on vengeance!
For not long before, this Heinkel had been forced to crash-land after being shot up by a fishing boat named “Agatha”. Well, this case of mistaken identity was about to become fatal!

A classic yarn from Steve Taylor, reminiscent of traditional Commandos, Carlos Pino’s terrific artwork brings the characters and action to life.

Story | Steve Taylor
Art | Carlos Pino
Cover | Carlos Pino

5622: The Fighting Swordfish

With the stick pulled right back and the engine screaming, the plane missed the heads of the startled Germans by mere inches.

For a day and a night, this Fairey Swordfish had been grounded in hostile territory, all for the want of a piece of copper tubing and a soldering iron. And they still weren't safely away yet...

The master of aviation artwork is back in this set, as Ian Kennedy does what he does best — painting planes in peril!

Story | Ross
Art | Gordon C Livingstone
Cover | Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 1422 (1980)

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