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Commando 5599-5602

Commando issues 5599 – 5602 are out today! Featuring a Native American hero, fighting and flying frogmen, alongside two sets of rag-tag groups hellbent on mischief!

5599: The Last War Chief

Paul Yellowtail had to complete four ‘coups’ if he was to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and become a war chief:

1. Lead a war party into battle.
2. Sneak into an enemy camp and steal a horse.
3. Take away an enemy’s weapon.
4. Touch an enemy without being harmed.

These are no easy feats — but to do them in the Rhineland, while Jerry is fighting tooth and nail to protect his homeland? Well, let’s say Paul has a long way to go before he can call himself a war chief!
Inspired by the experiences of Joe Medicine Crow during World War Two, this is one of – if not Commando’s first Native American hero, written by Hailey Austin. Not only that, Salvatore Pezone makes his Commando debut on interior art, with a stunning blue cover by Mark Eastbrook.

Story | Hailey Austin
Art| Salvatore Pezone
Cover | Mark Eastbrook

5600: Flying Frogman

Frogman? FLYING?! That's right! These blokes were experts in underwater sabotage but were given training —as parachutists. Now they can fly in at the dead of night, release their ‘chutes as they hit the water, and then go about their silent deeds of destruction!

This is a rip-roaring classic Commando from 1970, featuring Finley-Day’s fighting men and their underwater battles brought to life by V Fuente. Topped off with a moody cover by Jordi Penalva, well – you’d fly off the handle if you missed this one!

Story | Finley-Day
Art | V Fuente
Cover | Penalva
Originally Commando No. 482 (1970).

5601: Monty’s Marauders

Before there was Ramsey’s Raiders, there was Monty’s Marauders —a gang of rough, tough, fighting men in the trenches of the First World War! This special raiding group was handpicked by Aubrey Monteith, uncle of Ramsey’s driver, Monty — and together they went marauding wherever they could! The Kaiser’s men better keep one eye open when this lot is about!

From the writer of Ramsey’s Raiders, Ferg Handley, comes this brand-new series of rough-and-ready men who’ll do anything to win! Carlos Pino does what he does best on interior and cover art, proving he is and always will be a master of the medium!

Story | Ferg Handley
Art | Carlos Pino
Cover | Carlos Pino

5602: Barmy’s Private Army

Madder than a box of frogs or a bag of cats, this one is! Major “Barmy” Brooke had an uncanny knack for living up to his nickname. His strike force was a bit of a joke and to be transferred to it was a fate worse than death. Anyone actually volunteering was thought to be as crazy as its CO. But that’s just what Lieutenant Doug Bradley did. The young officer’s ambition was to command a desert group, and even the sight of Barmy’s scruffy crew couldn’t put him off!

This charming romp of a comic is written by prolific Commando writer, RA Montague, with art from Ruiz and Ian Kennedy! What’s not to like?!

Story | RA Montague
Art | Ruiz
Cover | Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 1360 (1979)

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