Thursday, September 01, 2022

Commando 5571-5574

Mysteries abound in this quartet of Commando, out soon! Issues 5571-5574 are available to purchase in shops and online from Thursday 1st September, 2022.

5571: Khaki Killer

Egypt, 1942. In a prisoner of war camp housing captured Italians, there’s been a murder — but not just any murder… A VIP killed in the POW camp means bad business, especially when that VIP was a man with intelligence on the enemy’s plans for North Africa! It’s Military Police Captain Henry Howard's job to find the killer, but he’s no detective — however ex-policemen Havildar Tejas Singh is. They’ve got to work together to solve the crime, but can they track down the murderer before the enemy is upon them?!

A murder mystery worthy of the likes of Christie and Conan Doyle is conjured up by writer Andrew Knighton. Meanwhile, Muller does a great job bringing the shady characters to life while Mark Harris delivers an astounding Commando cover once again!

Story | Andrew Knighton
Art| Muller
Cover | Mark Harris

5572: Deadly Rendezvous

Lieutenant Ken Miller and Sergeant Bill Blunden had a most important mission —to give the Germans as much information about the Allied invasion of Europe as possible! Heading into enemy-occupied France on a foggy night in May 1944, the pair had a date with danger to keep. How could they know what lay ahead? A fraught-filled evening, charged with jeopardy, beginning with one deadly rendezvous.

This classic Commando features a thrilling script by Allan, stunning interiors by Victor Fuente, topped off with another stunner by Jordi Penalva.

Story | Allan
Art | V Fuente
Cover | Penalva
Originally Commando No. 468 (1970).

5573: Bullets for Breakfast

Anyone fancy a bacon sandwich with a side of bullets?! Well, British Army Cook John Hanson wasn’t one to mess about when it came to either food or ammo, and he was often found bartering or foraging to keep his men fed. But a royal good feed was far from his mind when he found himself cut off by the sudden and ferocious German Blitzkrieg! This may be one problem he can’t cook his way out of!

Andrew Knighton and Mark Harris team up again on 5573 Bullet for Breakfast, alongside interiors by Paolo Ongaro. Together the three make the ingredients for a perfect Commando — proving that too many cooks don’t spoil the comic!

Story | Andrew Knighton
Art | Paolo Ongaro
Cover | Mark Harris

5574: Traitor in the Sky

One man among the men flying Lysander aircraft into enemy territory was a traitor… or was he? It was certain that the missions were going awry, and someone was sabotaging their dangerous yet vital task of ferrying secret agents into and out of occupied France… but who was it? Read to find out!

A mystery set out by KP MacKenzie unfolds in this Commando, with art by the legend Gordon C Livingstone and a stand-out cover by Philpott.

Story | KP MacKenzie
Art | Gordon C Livingstone
Cover | Philpott
Originally Commando No. 1838 (1984)

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