Thursday, August 04, 2022

Commando 5563-5566

Four stories breaking all the rules in this explosive set of air and land-based action adventures! Commando issues 5563-5566 are in shops and online from today, Thursday, August 4, 2022.

5563: Battleaxe

The retreat from Halfaya pass in June 1941 sees Sister Darcy Jackson picking up stragglers, as she limps behind the main force in her faithful Austin K2Y Ambulance. With a lost sepoy, a charming pilot and an arrogant lieutenant aboard, when their captured German Major turns the tables on our stalwart heroes, they have to break all the rules to survive!

A high-paced and explosive fifth story from R Tate, with dynamic and detailed interiors from Alberto Saichann and an impactful cover from Mark Harris.

Story | R Tate
Art| Alberto Saichann
Cover | Mark Harris

5564: Big Trouble!

Johnny and his Special Forces men love nothing more than sneaking into Norway and harrying the Nazis — but when they inadvertently capture a Dornier flying boat, an unexpected challenge comes their way. Squadron Leader Peter Trill, an expert test pilot, is sent in by the RAF to take charge of a hotch-potch crew borrowed from Coastal Command. In a clash of wills and departments, can these allies pull together to make the best use of an enemy plane?

A dynamic story from Montague is complimented by interiors from ever-popular Gordon C Livingstone with intricate cover art from Tregenza.

Story | R A Montague
Art | Gordon C Livingstone
Cover | Tregenza
Originally Commando No. 1284 (1979).

5565: For Honour!

Edric of Burley and The Green Men are typical mercenaries of the Plantagenet Wars — they’ll do anything for a mug of ale and an old-fashioned sparring match! But, when faced with the evil Godfrey of Tours, the fate of a small village in an English-held region of France hangs in the balance, and so Sir Thomas Mulbarton must remind the motley crew that honour is not just a romantic ideal and that a contract can have more in the balance than a simple bag of coin.

Andrew Knighton’s witty tale features characterful interiors from Khato and a heroic cover from Neil Roberts.

Story | Andrew Knighton
Art | Khato
Cover | Neil Roberts

5566: Top Cover

Tony Norton was a formidable pilot, and in the dense jungles of South East Asia, was providing vital cover and intel for the forces on the ground. But Tony doesn’t need a plane to carry out his duties as he suddenly finds himself amongst the ground troops! As they fight the Japanese and carry out their mission, secrets are unveiled and new light is shed on Tony’s pilot colleagues.

Expressive interiors from Nebot add to the drama of a second story from R A Montague with a classic cover from Commando legend, Ian Kennedy.

Story | R A Montague
Art | Nebot
Cover | Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 1825 (1984)

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