Thursday, July 07, 2022

Commando 5555-5558

Commando issues 5555-5558 are in shops and online from Thursday 7th July, 2022! Featuring stories set in Vietnam war, War in the East, and two deadly D-Day comics!

5555: Dead Men’s Boots

When Lieutenant Chuck Kinley arrives in Vietnam, things get off to a poor start. With rumours of his predecessors being fragged by their own men and NCOs playing by their own rules, it’s a tough battle for survival when you’re standing in Dead Man's Boots!

A gritty Vietnam yarn from JP Bridson is brought to life with equally gritty-looking interiors by Klacik, all topped off with Neil Roberts covers with the unusual focal point on the Vietcong, making for a belter of a  Commando comic!  

Story | JP Bridson
Art| Klacik
Cover | Neil Roberts

5556: Black Zero

Out of the sun it came, a jet black Zero with a large golden dragon on its side. And at the controls sat Captain Jirai Saito, a top ace who’d become king of the Pacific skies. He and his squadron had made their name by shooting down clumsy P-40 fighters, but the time for a showdown was at hand. On their way from Europe was a squadron of sleek Spitfires that had left the Luftwaffe in tatters. The stage was set for the greatest air battles the Eastern skies had ever known!

One of the most requested Commandos to be reprinted – is finally being reprinted! This hotly anticipated classic features not only a rip-roaring story by Newark but also artwork from two legendary Commando artists, Jose Maria Jorge and Ian Kennedy!

Story | Newark
Art | Jose Maria Jorge
Cover | Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 456 (1970)

5557: Renegade Raiders

As D-Day approaches, Sergeant Joe Shatner and Second Lieutenant Rick Levitt head the demolition section of a US Airborne company —a rough, tough bunch of renegades with a flair for fighting and no respect for the rules. But Normandy is a long way from training and the comfort of an English pub! Faced with a chaotic landing, lost leaders and waves of German soldiers, can the team pull together and survive?

Ferg Handley strikes again with a group of rough-and-ready raiders who regularly flaunt the rules but get the job done! With art by Muller and Commando cover newcomer Mark Eastbrook, this isn’t an issue to be missed!

Story | Ferg Handley
Art | Muller
Cover | Mark Eastbrook

5558: The Strongpoint

The target: three big guns in huge concrete bunkers surrounded by machine guns, barbed wire, and mines. They could cut the Allied invasion forces to shreds on the beaches unless they were spiked. The attackers: a bunch of raw soldiers barely out of school. Could the youngsters do it? You can bet they were going to try!
Seeing the light again after escaping the archives is this classic Commando from the 1980s! With amazing work from Motton, Blasco, and cover by Philpott.

Story | Motton
Art | Blasco
Cover | Philpott
Originally Commando No. 1807 (1984).

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