Thursday, January 06, 2022

Commando 5503-5506

Four fresh Commandos are the perfect start to the New Year: These issues explore the Pacific and European Theatres with a taste of tension and treachery, vengeance and valour — in air, land and sea! Issues 5503-5506 are out today.

5503: SS Colonel

On the desolate battlefields of Russia, a German unit is cut down with only one survivor — but it’s not the Russians he hunts down as he seeks revenge! Corrupt SS Colonel Wagner uses allies and enemies alike as he seeks to make his own profit from the suffering of others. Cold, hard vengeance is coming…
     A boisterous adventure from Brent Towns with interiors by Muller and Klacik and a notable cover from Ian Kennedy.

Story | Brent Towns
Art | Muller & Klacik
Cover | Ian Kennedy

5504: Mosquito Ace

Harry ‘Kiwi’ Dean is an outstanding Pilot with a penchant for heroics in this outlandish adventure of bombing raids and prison escapes. Hassle the enemy? No problem. Rescue an essential resistance contact? Easy. Taxi up the boulevard to break open a prison from the cockpit of your Mosquito? Of course!
     A rip-roaring action-packed tale from Newark with delightful interiors from Gordon C. Livingstone and a bold cover from Kenn Barr.

Story | Newark
Art | Gordon C. Livingstone
Cover | Ken Barr
Originally Commando No. 269 (1967).

5505: Angels and Thunderbolts

The bold bluster of a new pilot can rub a team up the wrong way — but it’s even worse when they don’t deliver! New to the unit is Archie Moran, who was close to gaining his ace and is a hero of the Pacific Theatre, but the ground runs and low-level haranguing of Italian airspace are more than he bargained for. Without a few angels under him, can he make it in Europe?
     A modern classic from new writers Matthew and Logan Cole, with detailed interiors from fresh talent Dan Barnfield and another striking cover from Mark Harris.

Story | Matthew Cole and Logan Cole
Art | Dan Barnfield
Cover | Mark Harris

5506: Find Them, Sink Them!

The rivalry between MTB Commanders is almost as terrifying at the tasks they have to undertake, as these small, manoeuvrable vessels strike hard and fast at larger and more lumbering enemy ships. All fine and dandy when on the open waves but the next big prize won’t be so easy when it’s tucked away safely in an enemy-held French harbour!
    The danger is on the seas in this pacey, nautical tale from R A Montague. With trademark interiors from Denis McLoughlin and classic cover art from Jeff Bevan.

Story | RA Montague
Art | Denis McLoughlin
Cover | Jeff Bevan
Originally Commando No. 1758 (1983).

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